Excel Basics: Tricks Every Office Worker Needs to Know [Infographic]

Having good Excel skills is the easiest way to take your career to the next level by making you a more efficient and effective employee. Even if you don’t know how to use it at the moment, you can still learn how to use Excel at any point in your career and incorporate its features into your work.

This infographic from STL provides some useful tips to help get you started using Excel. These are essential skills for any modern office worker with 67% of middle-skill jobs requiring expertise in Excel. So, if you have no idea how to use charts, conditional formatting, pivot tables and basic formulas, to facilitate data analysis and presentations, then this is the infographic for you!

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No matter what you use Excel for in your office, the more proficient you are with it, the more valuable you will be as an employee. And if utilised correctly Excel can become as essential to your work as your morning coffee!

Do you use Excel a lot in your current job? Do you think you are utilising it effectively? Your thoughts and comments below please...