How to Get a Work Visa in Mexico

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Mexico offers a lucrative job market for many employees in today’s recession-ridden economy given the number of multinational companies operating from the country. The country offers a good pay scale and a very affordable lifestyle. Mexico’s proximity to the United States and South America is an additional plus for employees wanting to experience the natural beauty of Mexico.

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Getting a Work Visa in Mexico is quite similar to getting a work visa in any other country, except that you may need at least some basic knowledge of the Spanish language.  Here is how you can apply for the visitante con actividades lucrativa (Visitor Visa with Permission to Engage in Lucrative Activities).

1. Get a Mexican Sponsor

You need to get a Mexican registered company to sponsor you for a work visa. For this, you can either apply online or go to Mexico on a visit visa to apply in person. Both offer their own advantages. Searching online saves you travel costs and visiting Mexico allows you to observe the company before hand before committing to anything. Once a company offers you a job in their company, they need to issue a work permit in your name along with a ’proof of registry’ certificate.

2. Apply for a Work Visa

With the work permit in your hand, you can apply for a work visa on your own at the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migracion). However, it is advisable to ask your company to apply on your behalf in order to cut the red tape. This is also helpful as the process requires you to know Spanish.

3. Organize and Submit Documents

This is perhaps the most time-consuming step, but the most crucial one. You need to submit the following documents either to your employer or directly to the INM:

  1. Application Form for the Work Visa
  2. Work Permit provided by your sponsor company
  3. Copy of your Passport
  4. 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Relevant documents stating your education and experience.

You will have to pay the processing fees (in Pesos) if you are going to apply on your own. All these have to be submitted to the INM.

4. Wait for INM Approval

Once the documents have been submitted, it usually takes about 20 days for the INM to approve your work visa if all things go smoothly. During this time, you can polish up on your Spanish language skills.

5. Visit Mexican Consulate

Once INM approves your application, you will be asked to visit the Mexican Consulate in your home country. There you have to pass an interview to get your work visa. The interview is mainly a formality at this stage where you basically need to appear as a law-abiding citizen. 

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Since Mexico has its own rich culture, it operates on a slightly different manner to the US. Make sure to master your business etiquette skills for Mexico before leaving. Good Luck on getting a Mexican work visa!