How to Get an Internship with BP

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Have you been considering applying for an internship program? BP, also known as British Petroleum, has been recognized as the Top Place to Work and its internship program was recently ranked as #1 in the Best Overall Internship Category by Forbes in a survey compiled by Vault Career Intelligence. Interning in a positive workplace environment can become a major reason for ensuring your success. Former interns gave BP excellent scores in the following categories: interview process, quality of life, compensation and benefits, career development, and full-time employment prospects. If this type of positive workplace environment interests you, take a look at the following information for applying for an internship at BP.

Learning and development programme

BP has created a comprehensive learning program called the Universal Graduate Skills Development Programme. Management at BP values your technical excellence skills. However, if you want to succeed in the company as an intern, and as a possible future employee, you need to further develop as an individual. That is where the Learning & Development primer comes into play. BP’s top five universal graduate skills are listed below.

  • Navigating the organisation – BP is a large organization, and management wants all interns to understand the entire operation, not just the department they work in. Interns will learn about the business strategies and priorities of BP management.
  • Developing your capability – Interns are encouraged to be accountable for their own personal and professional development. Management encourages all interns to set challenging goals for their time in the internship programme and to seek feedback.
  • Collaborating and networking – One of the main reasons why interns have raved about the BP program is that they are “relationship-led” and the company believes in collaborating with all parties involved. Networking with fellow interns is highly encouraged and promoted.
  • Presenting Yourself – Your professional presentation is important to succeeding in the internship programme. Interns will be provided with training to improve their communication skills, as well as develop positive ways to share creative ideas.
  • Planning & Organising – Interns are expected to maintain an intense focus on planning and organising projects. The programme provides all interns with the opportunity to “develop commercial awareness” and succeed in a professional environment.

Internship activities

The internship programme at BP will provide you with a variety of learning opportunities that will afford you the best chances to succeed and develop as a professional.

  • Virtual classrooms – Interns learn through interactive online classrooms where they can also interact with managers and fellow interns. One of the main critical skills that interns will learn by completing these virtual classes is to become more effective learners.
  • Virtual networking – Interns will also have the opportunity to network on a global scale online with fellow graduates working around the world. This is more than simply a learning environment. Interns work together to solve “real life” business problems.
  • Yam Jams – BP has acclimated to the technological age. “Yam Jams” are offered, which are live online chats where interns can interact with various senior managers in the company. Interns can ask questions and become more effective professionals at work.
  • Online resources – All interns have access to the BP graduate website and app. These can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or mobile device. These online resources offer interns the chance to continue training, as well as tracking their learning progress.

Your development journey

The management at BP genuinely seeks to cultivate and help interns develop as individuals who are on a professional career development journey. You can rest assured that the managers will be with you throughout each step in your internship journey. You will receive support and direction during each aspect of the training process, and you will be trained in the business aspects of the oil and gas industry. Additionally, you will learn how your individual role fits into the business strategy as a whole,a nd you’ll be able to take advantage of several learning events during the internship.

Apply for an internship

Visit Jobs at BP to begin your internship programme application process. Positions are available in the following departments: corporate functions, downstream, and integrated supply and trading. You can register online and upload your CV so that you will receive position alerts as well as be reviewed as a candidate by the recruiters at BP. You can also search for available internship positions and then apply online.

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BP is such a fun and innovative company to intern at and further develop your career. You will find an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth by completing an internship at BP. If you have interned at BP, we’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to comment below.