How to Conduct a Second Interview

When interviewing for a position, it is likely that employers are faced with a dilemma when choosing a potential employee. It is important to narrow down your choices to a few candidates, who can then be invited for a second interview. The second interview is a recruitment technique that employers use to help determine the most suitable candidate for a job.

Once you have determined two or three candidates who you would like to invite for a second interview, it is advised to book their second interview in consecutive days. This is a recommended technique as it enables the employers to compare and contrast the capabilities of each candidate in a limited period of time. Book the interview with all potential candidates to essentially determine the most suitable individual for your company.

To conduct a successful second interview, recruiters should devise a list of predetermined questions that they will ask during the course of the interview. These questions should be designed based on the information you gained from the initial interview with the candidate. Through asking specific questions, recruiters are able to get a clearer picture of the candidate’s personality and skills in contrast to the basic information they obtained from the first interview.

The main purpose of a second interview is to obtain the best impression of the potential candidate’s personality and skills. Therefore recruiters should try and make the interviewee as comfortable as possible to help them feel as ease and establish a good relationship. This can be done by offering them a beverage or asking them a personal question, for example: how was your journey here? By asking a simple question, you allow the candidate to relax and gain momentum for the interview ahead. If you begin with the interview as soon as the interviewee enters the room, they might feel interrogated and flustered thus not giving a good picture of their capabilities.

To ensure the right hiring decision, recruiters are recommended to use the technique of “interview buddy”. This is a recruitment tool many employers use to get input from another colleague in regards to the candidate. By having an additional person present at the interview, you can see how they interact and build communication with them. You interview buddy is able to offer you feedback and notes on the potential employees behavior and skills which you might have missed.

Once the interview is complete, employers should review their notes and accept feedback from their colleague. After reviewing the notes and interviewing all possible candidates, recruiters are armed with the relevant information to make the right hiring decision.