How Well Do You Know Your Employees? [Quiz]

boss and employees

Knowing your employees can mean great things for your work environment. Research has actually proven that it’s best to first connect with your employees and then lead. Not only does a warmer boss make for a better workplace culture, but a warm boss also means employee motivation and high performance levels. 

If you are the type of boss who does not take any interest in their employees you need to remedy the situation soon unless you want to lose employee after employee over to a boss who takes interest in their personality and makes the workplace a fun place to be in.

If you are not certain whether your employees would rather have you stoned or have a beer with you, take the test below to find out how well you really know your employees.

1) You know everyone’s name

  1. Umm obviously, I did hire them, right?
  2. I remember most of the people in the office, but I keep mixing up names when it comes to low-level employees. I’m not great with names, I guess.
  3. Well, I know the name of every head of every department and I make sure to write down the name of every person who screws up in the list of people that are eligible for getting the boot.  

2) When it comes to perks the best you can offer is…

  1. Occasional remote working.
  2. Support with continuing education.
  3. Medical Insurance.

3) Your employees know your major life events

  1. Of course and they are all invited to celebrate my birthdays, wedding anniversaries, kids’ birthdays etc.
  2. Well, if I were to get married they’d all be invited.
  3. I’m the boss and they are my employees, I think that’s as far as our bonding should go.

4) Do you encourage openness in the workplace?

  1. Yes, my office is always open and I’m always ready to listen to my employees. Whether there’s something making them anxious in their personal or professional life, I like to think that they know that I’ll be there to help them out whenever possible.
  2. I would like for my employees to feel freer when I’m around, I’d like for jokes not to stop when I walk in the room, for example, but I can’t say that this keeps me up at night. 
  3. I don’t disagree with employees feeling free to do as they please in the workplace, so long as work gets done and everyone works their eight hours.

5) Do you celebrate diversity in the workplace?

  1. My workplace is like a community of people; diversity is part of who we are and we always make it a point of celebrating it. 
  2. We try to be inclusive but it’s not always clear how we are supposed to do that. Are we supposed to celebrate cultural holidays, for example, because we have lots of people with similar cultural background? We do have an office party for Christmas though and we are considering adding a summer blowout party.
  3. Everyone’s treated the same so, I suppose, that it’s more of a respect diversity case in our workplace. I really see no point of going any further than that.

If you have more As: You my friend are the boss everyone dreams of having! Well done! We are sure your employees are happy to come to work every day and if you were to add free breakfast in your perks we’d like to come work for you as well. 

If you have more Bs you should definitely do more than what you are doing. Barriers between employees and management are constantly being overcome in the workplace and your office shouldn’t be left behind. Loosen up a bit and get to know your employees. Find out everyone’s name and discover what they’re really like and you might be surprised to find hidden gems within the workplace.

If you have more Cs well what can we say, perhaps management is not the right career choice for you? You might want to consider investing in a friendlier workplace because research has demonstrated that employees who feel loyal and committed to their workplace are more likely to go out of their way at work. So, the more inclusive your work environment becomes the more chances there are of your employees performing better.