Importance of Setting Professional Goals and Targets

Working without goals is like setting off on a journey with no particular destination in mind. You could be very busy helping other people achieve their goals and lose sight of your own. The only way you will align yourself towards success is if you have clearly set goals and targets. Once you have made a mental note of what you intend to achieve, the manifestation has begun. The reality will fall in place when you physically set your plan in motion and define your goals with all the factors set in place.

Gives Direction

A set goal gives direction. A goal gets you from one point to another providing a path and clear vision to your destination. It is your roadmap showing the various checkpoints and what you require to get there and eventually to the final finish line.

Helps to Prioritize

At any particular time, you may be carrying out a number of projects. Priorities may be compromised and disorganization sets in. When you have well-established goals and targets you are able to set all your activities in order of importance. This enables you to complete what you set out to do efficiently and within the timeframe you had given yourself.


Clearly set goals and targets direct your attention to relevant activities. This is motivating as you have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. When you work harder with clear targets and accomplish them, you feel more motivated to pursue your next goal.

Helps to See Your Limitations

Setting goals has a way of demystifying what you want to achieve. You are able to identify the limitations and hurdles that you will encounter along the way or from the get-go. Your goal may be unrealistic, so you drop it and think of something else. The time you have set out to achieve your targets may also present challenges. Is it sufficient? You need to know if that is a limitation to your achieving the goal as deadlines keep you focused. If the timeline becomes undefined, achieving the goal becomes more difficult.

You Measure Growth

Goals and targets with clear-cut timelines are measurable. Once a goal is set, you can set other short-term goals that you use as measures of your success towards the bigger ultimate goal. With each short-term goal achieved, growth is measured giving a report of what is propelling you forward or drawing you back. You can clearly see the position you are in and can make the necessary adjustments to improve your next leg in your pursuit.

You are Accountable

Having set your clear goals and their deadlines makes you accountable. Accountability is the measure of your commitment to your goals and whether you are living up to what you set out to do to achieve them. Accountability keeps you true to yourself and focused. You are able to identify the things that distract you from the path towards achieving your goal.


Achievement of your goals will be realized by how clearly spelt out they are. They need to be concrete and easy to visualize. This makes you live with a consciousness that makes you put your time and energy into achieving the targets you set out for yourself.

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