How to Improve Your Excel Skills for Free

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Excel is one of the most useful computer programs to know. It can be used for dozens of purposes--ranging from accounting to sales to business management to databases. If you want to be the most effective employee possible, it’s vital to have a solid grasp on Excel.

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You may already know enough Excel to get by, but why not invest a bit of time into improving your Excel skills? They’re skills that will come in handy in just about every job, and it will make you that much more attractive of an employee.

Here is how to improve your Excel skills without spending a cent:

1. Learn from the Excel Guru

Ken Puls has launched a website called Excel Guru, which is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about Excel. It comes with a breakdown of everything you can learn about Excel. Though the site is a bit challenging to navigate, you’ll find A LOT of very useful, helpful tutorials on Microsoft Office programs.

2. Visit Chandoo

When it comes to learning Excel for free, few sites can match Chandoo! The website is dedicated entirely to Excel, teaching the basics, more advanced skills, financial modeling, charts, tables, and everything you could need Excel for. Everything is 100% free, including an e-book with 95 Tips and Tricks for using Excel. No matter how limited or expert your understanding of Excel, Chandoo is the site for you.

3. Check out the Tips on Contextures

Contextures is a website created by Debra Dalgleish, an expert in using Excel. She is one of the leading professionals in her field, has written a number of books, and even offers a FREE downloadable e-book on Excel. The Excel Tips page on Contextures has more than 300 different tips and tricks to help you learn everything you need to know about Excel.

4. Watch Mr. Excel's Tutorials

Mr. Excel is really Bill Jelen, a man who has mastered Excel in his 30 years of using the program. He also worked as a financial analyst, and the tutorials on the Mr. Excel website contain a lot of information for using Excel for the financial markets. You’ll find more than 500,000 answers to questions about Excel, along with a wealth of information, articles, and tutorials. There are even live video podcasts where Mr. Excel teaches you how to use the program and gives demonstrations on some of the more complex secrets.

5. Surf the Spreadsheet Page

The Spreadsheet Page is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to make advanced spreadsheets using Excel. The website is run by John Walkenbach, a former Excel MVP, and you’ll find more than 300 articles on how to manage Excel spreadsheets like a pro. It’s a simple site with excellent content, aimed more at helping you learn Excel than selling you products. Most of the content is written--with only a few pictures and video tutorials for the more basic topics--but it’s a comprehensive guide to spreadsheets.

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The sites above are the ideal places to improve your Excel skills for free, turning you into a spreadsheet master!