How to Improve Your Maths Skills Quick and for Free

If you’re still using your fingers to add and subtract, then it’s a sign you may be in trouble. But don’t fret because, as one study alluded to, we’re either born good or bad at mathematics.

Let’s face it: many of us are just absolutely horrible at mathematics. No matter what, we can’t seem to multiply or divide without a calculator. In school, we performed terribly in fifth grade fractions, 10th grade geometry and 12th grade calculus. Despite the hard work and constant studying, our brain just couldn’t compute math, and still can’t.

As time has passed us by, we’ve gone through life without having to face algebra square in the face. However, with a globalized economy and an ultra-competitive workforce, isn’t it about time you start to improve your math skills? Indubitably!

There are numerous ways – many of which are free – to expand upon the little knowledge you may have when it comes to percentages, integers, graphs, and anything else in your high school textbooks.

Here are six ways to improve your math skills quick and for free:

1. Insert Math Into Your Daily Routine (Without Your Phone)

Ever since we left high school, we have attempted to keep mathematics out of our minds as much as possible. This may have been a mistake because what you don’t use, you lose. Moving forward, try to incorporate math into your daily routine again. For instance, when you go to the store and you see an item 25 percent off its original price, try to calculate that in your head. Or, when you go to a restaurant, and you want to leave a 15 percent tip on a $20 bill, use your mind.

2. Play Math Games

Do you have some free time? Spend 15 minutes playing some math games online for free. These brain teasers can help refresh your mind and help you learn math while having some fun. Although many of these games are targeted to youth, there is no harm in playing them, too. Head on over to these websites for some fun learning:

3. Take Part in a Math Lesson

Do you have a child or a nephew/niece who is doing some math homework? Well, you can always participate with them and hone your own skills while trying to teach them to your kid at the same time. This will certainly refresh your memory when it comes to division and fractions.

4. Take Advantage of the Free Online Resources

Developers have created so many websites that help to improve your math skills. More importantly, there are numerous resources that are free and can gradually help enhance any math acumen you may have. Here are just a few of the websites you can take advantage of today:

5. Join an Adult Support Group

Whether it’s online or in person, you could always join a support group like the Further Mathematics Support Programme which can help you improve your math skills. You can get in touch with other people who are just as terrible at math as you are. They may not necessarily improve your math skills, but they can certainly provide you with some key information and tips to help expand upon your knowledge of equations.

6. Maintain a Math Journal or Teach Someone

If you’re on a daily journey to improving your math skills, then maintain a math journal. This will help you remind yourself what you have learned right before you head off to dreamland. For example, if you learned a new equation or a new way to multiply two-digit numbers during the day, you can write this down into a math journal. Moreover, if you think you’re astute enough in a math subject, then try to insert it into a conversation with someone.

It’s no secret that we in the West are lagging behind our Scandinavian and Eastern counterparts. Students in Japan, Korea, China, India and elsewhere in the East are far outperforming us here in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and other Western countries. It’s unclear as to why – it’s definitely not funding, because we spend thousands of dollars per child, but it’s time to stop shunning math and begin to embrace it.  

You won’t become Stephen Hawking, but you could be smarter than a fifth grader.