How to Increase Your Intellectual Development

Becoming more intelligent and intellectual requires a lot of hard work, and it takes active effort to sharpen your mind. The good news is that increasing your intellectual development not only makes you smarter now, but it can actually keep your mind working for many years to come. Studies have proven that an active brain ages more slowly, so here are some ways to stave off old age by increasing your intellectual development:

  • Actively read and watch TV -- Don't just read or watch TV to be fed entertainment, but try to be more active in your entertainment. Look for the subtle "aha" moments, the enriching ideas, and the hidden questions in your entertainment, and you will begin to make connections that you never thought existed.
  • Solve puzzles -- Puzzles of EVERY type are amazingly effective at boosting your intellectual development. Jigsaw puzzles teach you spatial reasoning, while Sudoku teaches you logical deduction and inference. Start working any kind of puzzles you can get your hands on, and they will help to enhance your mind greatly.
  • Do something new -- Instead of just sitting around and relaxing, why not take up a new hobby? You'll find that hobbies not only help to keep your body active, but they give your brain something new to learn as well. As long as you are learning to do new things, you will always be expanding your mental capacity and increasing your intellectual development. It doesn't have to be a particularly complex hobby, but it can be simple things like gardening, mechanics, or even LEGO building. All that matters is that you learn new things.
  • Study again -- If you are serious about increasing your intellect, why not start studying something new? You can sign up for college courses, or just take courses at your local rec center, high school, or library. You can also check out the following websites for free online courses:
  • Play more games -- No, we're not talking about video games, though video games have been proven to improve reasoning and logic. In this case, we're talking about card and board games. Even simple games like Go Fish, War, and Speed can help you to learn, and the more complex games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit will definitely increase your mind's capacity for learning and thinking in new, creative ways.
  • Visit places of learning -- Don't spend your weekends on the couch, but get out of your house at visit local museums, exhibitions, and zoos to learn new things. Read all of the information about the animals, art, or exhibits, and try to store that information. Repeat it to someone else later, and it will stick in your mind.
  • Attend local workshops -- If you are trying to learn something new, why not take the time to attend conferences and workshops in your city? You'll find that these are great places to learn from those with years of experience, and you'll connect with others who share your passions. Not only can you learn more, but you can expand your network greatly.

The truth is that increasing your intellectual development will be a challenge, and it will require a lot of time and effort. However, as your mind grows, your potential to learn and do new things will increase as well!