How to Induct a New Employee


Got a new employee joining your team? You can’t just bring them to the office and expect them to find their own way. Every office and working environment is different. You have to introduce them to the way things work, how you operate, and who they will be working with.

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Here’s the process of how to induct him/her to your team:

Inform Team Members of the New Inductee

This is critical, as you will want your entire team to be on board with the new employee. Conflicts may arise with the induction, so make sure to deal with them before the date of induction.

Appoint a Mentor

This person will provide support of a more informal nature. They won’t be doing the actual training, but they’ll be the sort of "guide" to help the person learn the ropes of your company.

Set up the Inductee’s Workspace

You’ll need to set up all the equipment the new employee will be using, along with their computer, phone, desk, workstation, etc. Set up the passwords, phone number, email accounts, and all the rest.

Introduce the Inductee to the Office

On the day that the new employee is being inducted, take them around and introduce them to the other employees of your company. Show the newbie around the workspace, show them the layout of the facilities, and provide them with a handbook containing any important information on company policies, health and safety procedures, etc.

Walk them Through your Business

You will want to explain the business policies to your inductee, along with the vital information key clients, business culture, objectives, products, and services you provide. You will also give them the vital personal information they want: their pay, holidays, etc.

Break Down their Role

Make the inductee’s role as clear as possible, so they can jump in with both feet. Give them their objectives and the scope of their responsibilities.

Train them as Needed

The inductee will no doubt have the skills needed for the job, but they may need additional training in order to work effectively in your company. They may need to learn how to use the customized software, the company network, specialized tools for the job, the filing system, etc. You will want to combine observational teaching methods with hands-on activities, ensuring that the inductee learns the tasks as soon as possible. Instruction manuals should be provided to supplement their education.

Give them Real Tasks

Once you are satisfied that the employee has received sufficient training and understands how to do the tasks you are asking of them, give them a real task, albeit a simple one. It will push them to get started working and applying what they have learned, but you will be there to monitor them and help them out if needed. Make sure they understand every stage of the work they are doing and stay in close communication with them over the first few days or weeks of work.

Hold Regular, Informal Reviews

Once a week for the first month, sit down with the inductee and see how they are settling in. See if they need any help, or encourage them to discuss any problems they may have.

Let them Fly Solo

After you are certain that they are properly settled in, it’s time to let them spread their wings and make their own mistakes. You can relax your supervision once you know that they have learned how to carry out their tasks correctly.

Follow these steps, and you’ll bring your inductee through the proper steps that will transform them into a full-time, productive employee!

Do you have any interesting stories of being either a trainer or an inductee? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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