How can I get a job similar to wealth management?

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Hi there. I am a Nepalese citizen working in India. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate education in India. I have a year of experience in an FMCG company (at Nestle India) and three years of experience in Banking (at ICICI Bank which is the Largest Private Bank in India).

I am currently working as a Wealth Manager in a middle-management role. My experience has been in Banking and Business Development. My performance throughout has been very good and every year I get excellent performance reviews. Now I am looking for a career opportunity in the Middle East and I would appreciate it if you could suggest some similar roles to me.

Kyriaki says:

Hello and thanks for reaching out! From what you are telling us it looks like you have gained a lot of expertise in your field and this can be a huge advantage when applying for jobs. One of the most important things that employers look for in potential employees is experience. Whether you simply want to move up the career ladder or relocate somewhere in the Middle East, it’s great that you care about your professional development and want to advance in your career.

Wealth management is a good choice because it’s popular and one of the fastest-growing areas in the financial sector. Apart from being a wealth manager, you can search for similar positions such as financial advisor, investments manager or even apply to become the CEO or the head of the financial department of a company. If you haven’t started looking for vacancies yet, there are many resources worth checking out.

Here are some of the best:

  • efinancialcareers: this is a well-known site for professionals interested in banking, accounting and finance. On this site, you can search for jobs ranging from general manager to chief financial officer and much more
  • Gulf Talent:  it’s the leading online recruitment portal in the Middle East so you will find lots of vacancies for nearly every position including head of corporate banking, executive director or financial manager  
  • Guardian Jobs: a British newspaper with a global recruitment website lists all kind of vacancies from entry-level jobs to executive positions with competitive salaries and rewards

While you have not said if you have started your job hunt yet, it’s always a good idea to network with other professionals in your field. It should help you learn more about positions that are open or are about to be, and aren’t or will never be advertised. Since you are already a manager, you must know how important it is to expand your circle of contacts.

According to Dylan Williams, managing director, for England and Wales, of Coutts & Co Private Bank, networking is essential especially in the financial sector when transitioning from support to adviser. As Williams says ‘your network is what provides your sustainability and will open up opportunities to you throughout your career’. Word of mouth can also help you achieve a good reputation in the field and can help you become an expert in what you do.

Since you are looking for a management role, you will need a strong resume that demonstrates your ability to manage a group of people, your financial and banking experience and key areas of expertise. If you need help with writing an executive or managerial level CV check out our CV writing guide that lists some of the characteristics it needs to follow and offers a template you can download to create your own.

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