How to Land a Job in Bangkok, Thailand

The city of Bangkok was once known as the struggling poor city of Thailand, within the past 30 years the country has undergone radical changes. Thailand has now developed into the number one travel destination in the world; it is now officially the most visited country. According to TIME’s release the countries capital Bangkok reached 15.98 million visitors last year alone, higher tourist levels than Paris and London.

The city of Bangkok is overflowing with vibrant culture, exciting events, picturesque locations and has evolved into hub for hordes of tourists absorbing every ounce of ethnicity the city has to offer. As with all major capitals the standard of living heightens hand in hand with the economic injections, the money makes its way to local businesses then attracting real estate developers, franchising… globalization slowly starts to take control.

While the power of tourism shifts to the Far East; with all this new development, Thailand is fast becoming a place where people choose to live permanently.

What kind of jobs are realistic for expats to apply for?

What kind of career can you find in Bangkok tomorrow?

There are just two primary sectors which you must consider when considering a career move to Bangkok:

1 Find a job teaching

First and foremost, teaching. One glance at the first search result shows pages of listings for English speaker. The opportunities are plentiful; they are also matched with assorted salaries, ranging from 20,000 – 50,000 Baht (616.14 USD - 1540.35 USD) on a monthly basis. At the lower end of the spectrum these are still higher than the average salary for the accomplished locals. With teaching roles, the job will pull you into the world of Bangkok.

The old man on the street will start to know your name and laugh with you as you try to pronounce his, and the nice lady who makes “tuna toasties” will soon expect you every Sunday. The feeling of “home” is based only on conception, nevertheless, living in the city of Bangkok is full of excitement.

Typical requirements for teaching positions in Bangkok include:

  •     English speaker as a native
  •     Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent / higher 
  •     Certificate preferred in TEFL


2 Choose the best hotel job for you

The Department of Tourism recorded 26,861,095 Thai residents and 11,361,808 foreign travelers visited Bangkok recently. Lodgings were made by 15,031,244 guests, who occupied 49.9 percent of the city's 86,687 hotel rooms. Since then, the hotel industry in Bangkok has developed thousands of jobs for people residing in the fast paced city. The higher class luxury hotels seek to provide the expected international service for their star rating, and as a result hours and working duties are lengthy. 

Nevertheless, hotel managers across the globe move to Bangkok as they urge to pay equal salaries in relation to a franchise driven international service. The choice is yours for which role you take, various outlooks see hoteliers hire both local residents equally with expats, a great box to tick in the Bangkok employment market

Typical requirements for roles within the hotelier market include:

  • Bachelors degree or higher / Masters 
  • I.T literate
  • Native English Communication skills (Thai advantage)
  • 1-5 years in related field

Other options such as becoming a scuba diving instructor, starting your own business or applying for various actress / modeling positions are great alternatives to teaching and working in hospitality. These types of positions are readily available, however the two industries on the rise and currently seeking qualified expats are teaching and hospitality.


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