The Strangest Ways to Become a Millionaire

We all dream of becoming  millionaires, yet so few of us ever succeed. We hear all the stories about people who have made it big, so why can’t we do it too?

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There are people who have made millions of dollars through hard work, and then there are those who got lucky. They hit upon an idea that worked, and it propelled them to a degree of success they had never dreamed of.

If you want to become a millionaire, here are a few highly unusual ways to do so:

1. Help Men Cheat on Their Wives

Noel Biderman took the concept of dating websites and turned it on its head. Instead of promoting dating between singles, he created Ashley Madison, the site that only allows married people and those looking to date married people. The site’s slogan, "Life’s short. Have an affair" may be the ultimate slap in the face to loyal couples, but the site’s 3.2 million members make Biderman $5 million per year!

2. Create Something Useless But Popular

Ever heard of Doggles? Unless you’re a dog owner with way too much money to spend, probably not. A California couple created the idea when they realized that their dog squinted while trying to catch a Frisbee. They created a pair of prescription goggles for dogs, and the idea became so popular that they have earned millions of dollars to date.

Want to make your million? Why not try bedroom slippers for cats or canary pajamas?

3. Do Something No One Else Wants to Do is a website owned and run by Matthew Osborn, a man who started a poop-scooping empire. After realizing that more than 100,000 dogs lived within 15 miles of his house, he created the site as a way to offer his services to dog owners that are too busy or lazy to pick up their animal droppings. The idea was used by Matt Boswell to create Pet Butler, a service with more than 3,000 clients in Texas alone!


4. Do Something 100% New

A student named Alex Tew launched The Million Dollar website in 2005. The website was a single 1000 x 1000 pixel page, and he sold each of those pixels for a single dollar. The site received an enormous amount of media attention, and he managed to reach and exceed his $1 million goal in just a few months. In fact, he sold the final pixels on his site for over $38,000!

5. Give People an Excuse

Not an excuse to buy something, but a reason why they missed out on something. My Excused Absence is a website that (back in 2007) provided people with an excuse to miss out on work or school. They offered doctor’s notes, a jury summons, and a host of other ‘excuses’. Each sold at $25 per excuse, and the site quickly earned millions. Sadly, so many people began to use it that it was no longer believable, and thus shut down.

6. Make Something Adorable

People love things that look cute, no matter how ‘useless’ they are. Jason Wall created "Antenna Balls", adorable decorations for people to place at the top of their car antennas. While the product was rejected by investors, Wall sold them on the internet. He has since become a millionaire.

7. Sell Something Everyone Wants


Fraser Doherty sold something simple and in high demand: jam. Using his grandmother’s recipes, he created the company SuperJam by the age of 16. The company currently sells half a million jars of jam each year, and Doherty’s share of the company is worth nearly $2 million.


8. Make Something Creative

After years of being frustrated at never getting the wishbone at Thanksgiving Dinner, Ken Ahroni had had enough. He decided to create his own synthetic wishbones so everyone could win. His company, Lucky Break, sells roughly $2.5 million dollars’ worth of wishbones that feel as close to turkey bones as possible.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

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Becoming a millionaire isn’t impossible; it’s just really damn hard. It takes a creative mind, a fresh product or service, and a drive to succeed. Who knows, that odd idea that you have may just be the next big thing. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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