6 Effective Time Management Tips for Writers

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Most people assume that a writer’s life primarily revolves around writing, but this is not what happens in real life. Successful writers are busy individuals that engage in many different activities. A significant number of them are juggling writing with other jobs - such as custom essay writing -, a family or studying. Smart writers are currently delving into self-publishing, and it’s necessary that they create awareness and market their craft effectively. In this fast-paced era, here are some tips for writers who want to manage their time effectively.

1. Design a Flexible Schedule

One way to stay highly organised and motivated as a writer is to create a flexible schedule. All your daily or weekly projects should be included and allotted a specific amount of time and deadline. To help beat procrastination, important and difficult tasks should be handled first. Try to concentrate on each project during the time assigned to it. When designing a schedule, remember to add time for short breaks. Taking breaks after 30 minutes or an hour of writing is refreshing.

2. Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals will provide you with inspiration, and stop you from forgetting about them. They should be realistic because goals are what give you direction. If you they aren't realistic it will be like you are lost without a map. You can decide to write down your goals daily or weekly depending on personal choice.

3. Take Advantage of Time Management Tools

There are many free tools and apps online for efficient time management. The good thing is that most of these apps can be installed on smartphones and tablets. The popular ones include RescueTime and Evernote. The former delivers a weekly report of how you are spending your time and can block sites that are hindering your productivity, while the latter is a creative tool that can be used to record fleeting ideas in form of images, voice or notes.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

To stay accountable, you may enlist the help of a writer or a friend. There are online writing groups and forums dedicated specifically to this task. At the end of each day or week, everyone has to present a report of the writing activities with the work that they were able to produce.

5. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions are everywhere both online and offline for writers. This is a challenge for many because it adversely affects creativity. When it is time to write, switching off your smartphone completely and logging out of social media sites can minimise distractions. The TV should also be turned off to avoid the temptation of watching it. Many writers find parks and other places where they can be alone in nature very peaceful and quiet places to write and get their work done.

6. Set up a Writing Space

A significant number of writers work from the comfort of their own homes. Finding a quiet and comfortable place to write should be a top priority if an office is not available. Let your family members know your writing hours to avoid any disturbance.

Top writers have great time management skills and will find time to write nearly every single day. The most important thing is understanding yourself to know the best approach.

Do you think that you have good time management skills? Do they help get writing or other work done? Let us know in the comments section below...