Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in Languages and Translation

In the past, the career choices for most graduates in the field of languages were limited to three main options: teaching, translation, and interpretation. However, with the proliferation of Internet-based firms, multinational corporations, and globalisation, foreign languages are becoming a necessity in most sectors. Below are some of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in this field.

#1 International Events Management

Due to globalization, the number of international events has increased tremendously. Various events, such as carnivals, musicals, concerts and plays are held in different places in the globe every year. Planning of these occasions requires competency in foreign languages and the ability to relate well with people from diverse cultures.

#2 Marketing

Technological development has led to the rise of Internet-based companies that require marketers to promote their products. Considering that these firms operate globally without any physical boundaries, one of the qualifications that a many of these businesses consider in hiring marketers is the ability to speak a foreign language to enable them reach more customers.

#3 Multilingual Personal Assistant

Most blue chip and international organizations across all the industries, such as manufacturing, legal, FMCG and financial need a multilingual PA. A PA works closely with the senior manager of the company by providing administrative support. Whenever people visit the manager in the office, their fist point of contact is the PA. Most multinationals hire a multilingual PA because they can successfully complete various tasks, such as taking phone calls appropriately, meeting and greeting visitors and answering emails in the various languages most important to the company.

#4 Foreign language Customer Service Representative

Currently, most businesses sell their products and services across the globe using the online platform. However, they are still expected to answer any queries from customers regarding their business. Such, organizations hire a customer representative who can speak foreign languages to ensure they serve more customers from different backgrounds.

#5 Creative Writing

The Internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities for people in all parts of the globe. People are making money through blogs that provide valuable information on topics, such as entertainment, finance, and property. Blog posts come in various languages, such as French, Spanish, Germany and Chinese to reach a audience.

#6 Foreign correspondent

Media houses, such as CNN and the BBC bring news from all parts of the globe. They employ foreign correspondents, who can speak the local language to gather news from the grassroots. If you speak various foreign languages, you have higher chances of getting a job as a foreign correspondent with these media houses.

#7 Business analyst

In the current competitive global environment, businesses must strive to remain relevant through tailoring their services and products to meet the needs of the customers. A business analyst plays a critical role because they inform the organization about the latest customer trends by collecting the right information. The ability to speak a foreign language improves their efficiency to perform this task when dealing with foreign clients.

#8 Teaching

Teaching is a still a viable option for most graduates due to its many paths. You can teach in universities, colleges, high schools, private schools or even abroad. Through teaching, you are given the opportunity to use the language regularly and pass your knowledge to the learners. Some of the common foreign languages taught in UK institutions include Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French and German.  You can also teach English as a foreign language all over the world.

#9 Translators

With a foreign language, you can also work as a translator on a freelance basis or for international organizations, such as the UN, EU, and various charities. However, it is important to remember that translation requires complete mastery of a foreign language and attention to detail. In essence, the job entails translating content from one language into another. Sources of such material may range from medical records, subtitles in a movie or advertisements.

#10 Interpreters

Interpreting is similar to translation, but the main difference is that it is carried out live. It mainly entails translating spoken words from one language into the one understood by the audience. Interpreters are needed in large conferences and businesses meetings.

The ability to speak in different languages opens up various employment opportunities for job seekers.


Image: iStock