Top 10 Fastest-Growing Social Media Jobs

Social media are at once a necessary evil and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Companies can’t be successful anymore without a social presence, and that the trend has created a plethora of new jobs. Here are 10 of the fastest-growing jobs in social media.

  1.      SEO Specialist: SEO specialists are responsible for improving their company’s rankings in search engine results. In other words, they’re the employees who bring eyes to content.
  2.      Social Media Strategist: Social media strategists plan and execute the company’s goals for a social presence. They decide which platforms will be most beneficial and come up with plans for using those platforms.
  3.      Online Community Manager: Online Community Managers represent their company on social media platforms. They build relationships with their audience and work to boost engagement.
  4.      Social Media Marketing Manager: Rather than just building a community, Social Media Marketing Managers focus on keeping their company and products at the forefront of customers’ minds. They also determine the best way to use each social media platform and provide the people and resources to make it happen.
  5.      Social Media Marketing Coordinator: Social Media Marketing Coordinators execute the strategies developed by Social Media Marketing Managers. The job typically includes writing and/or publishing blog posts, tweets, photos, videos, etc.
  6.      Blogger or Social Media Copywriter: Bloggers and Social Media Copywriters create content to establish their business as a trusted authority. They create and publish posts that provide valuable information; in addition, they typically include relevant links back to the company’s products.
  7.      Paid Social Planning Supervisor: The title doesn’t indicate that the employee is paid (although they are, of course); it’s talking about sponsored posts. Paid Social Planning Supervisors develop and execute strategies to help their companies get the very best ROI on paid social media posts.
  8.      Community Management Associate: Community Management Associates are the ones sitting at the keyboard on the other side of the screen responding to your posts and tweets. They monitor, respond, comment, and post so that customers who reach out to their company through social media get a timely and personal response.
  9.      Customer Service Specialists: Companies are finding that customers often turn to social media as their first way of attempting to reach a company when they have a problem. Innovative companies are getting ahead of this trend by employing Customer Service Specialists to respond to any comments that come from customers via social media platforms.
  10.   Social Media Analysts: Social media analysts look at the metrics behind using social media for business purposes. They attempt to quantify what the company is gaining through their social media presence and to balance that against the costs and/or risks involved. They take something that seems to be intangible – like community relationships – and analyze them so that resources can be spent both efficiently and appropriately.

The naysayers who insist there are no jobs in social media just haven’t thought it all the way through it. Sitting around tweeting all day might not sound like a real job, but if you look just beneath the surface, it’s obvious that the job is very real indeed. Do you have a job in social media? If so, please post about your duties so we can all get a better idea of these new jobs and what they entail.

Image: flickr via Fred Cavasa, 2009