Top 10 Jobs in Computer Science

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Do you love to decipher codes, solve problems or do you have the ability to learn new languages (computer language)? If yes, a career in computer science might be ideal for you.

Computer science jobs require analytical thinking to devise programs and systems; you must be able to pay attention to details in order to troubleshoot problems. As a professional in the computer science industry, you must have the ability to interview non-technical candidates and access their skills. If you are creative, you will be able to come up with innovative apps or tech gadgets, much appreciated by today’s tech-savvy world.

Depending on your personal skills, interests and values, there are many different jobs you can take up as a computer science graduate.  Listed below are the top 10 options based on the job outlook, salaries and job satisfaction.

 1. Software Developer

If you have the technical creativity to solve problems and develop unique solutions in a creative way, then this job might suit you. And yes, you may have to be fluent with your computer language in order to develop codes for software programs.

Communication skills do help when obtaining necessary information on how software is working. Depending on their skills, software developers earn decent salaries and find jobs more frequently than other computer professionals.


2.  Database Administrator

The primary role of a database administrator is to study the data requirements of users and create data resource to store and retrieve crucial information. This job requires problem-solving knowledge and abilities of a computer science graduate, to repair the malfunctions of a database or make modifications as required by the user. The salary outlook of a database administrator is also pretty good.  


3.  Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer is responsible for making computer components. To be successful, hardware engineers must have a combination of technical skills and creativity. They must be quick learners and must have an interest for emerging trends, to design hardware that is compatible with the latest applications and programs.

The perseverance of computer science education will help hardware engineers to perform complex tests of systems and make sure the hardware is working properly. In the US, a computer hardware engineer’s job is one of the highest paying positions.


4.  System Analyst

A computer system analyst is responsible for maximizing system efficiency by accessing the company needs and recommending configurations for specific software and hardware. Computer system analysts must show great interpersonal skills, as they have to communicate with employees and managers. They may also have to convince the management and staff members to adopt technology standards that meet the organizational needs.

If you have a hunger to learn new things, track technology trends and study cutting edge systems, then this job is perfect for you. The job outlook of a computer system analyst is set to grow by 25% in 2022.


5.  Computer Network Architect   

Professionals in this category design, implement and monitor data communication and networking systems which includes wide area networks, local area networks, intranets and extranets. A computer network architect assesses the requirements of an organization for communications and data sharing.

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They also evaluate new products and services in the market. They test systems before implementation and solve network-related problems as they occur, after the setup is in place. In New Jersey, a Computer Network Architect enjoys the highest levels of payment.

6.  Web developer

Web developers study the user’s requirement for information-based platforms. They work on the technical structuring of a website to ensure pages on the web are easily accessible and downloadable on a variety of interfaces and browsers.

They contribute in maximizing the number of visitors and page views by using SEO techniques. A web developer will do well if he has great communication skills and creative insight to ensure a website fulfills a user’s requirements. San Jose, New York city and California are few of the highest paying cities for web developers.


7.  Information Security Analysts

Computer professionals taking up this job category typically design systems to protect websites and information networks from cyber-attacks and all other forms of security threats. They might also be involved in researching trends in data protection to anticipate computer problems and install systems that prevent problems before they occur.

You will grab this job if you have interest and skills in problem solving. You might also have to investigate breaches, identify the causes and repair or modify security systems, wherever required. With security breaches increasing these days, the job outlook for an Information Security Analyst is very good.    


8.  Computer Programmer

Computer programming is all about writing codes that drives software to operate, as wanted by a software developer. A computer science course typically equips students to tackle computer languages. This language is required to create programs. Experts in computer programming master the structure and logic of computer languages to debug problems and modify them, to suit the end user. As new computer programs keep coming, the job outlook for a computer programmer will remain promising.  


9.  Manager of Computer and Information Systems

Taking up a position here means you are responsible for analyzing an organization’s technology requirements and monitoring the functioning of appropriate data systems. You must have the ability to evaluate hardware, software, networking and other tech resources to be successful.

Being the manager, you will have to recruit, train and monitor staff activities. Obviously, your communication and interpersonal skills play a big role. With no surprise at all, a computer and information systems manager’s job outlook is promising. 


10.  Project Manager


A project manager is responsible for coordinating analysts and programmers to make a project successful. They also analyze technology issues for their organization or for specific clients they work with. They propose tips and solutions to maximize productivity.

Knowledge in computer systems, technology and problem solving abilities can help individuals with computer science background, excel in this position. Many developed nations offer high-paying jobs for project manager.


With software, computer applications and hardware developing thick and fast, all the computer science jobs listed above offer promising future. Now the challenge is to identify the best cities and organizations for these positions. If you are successful in getting one of these jobs in a reputed city or company, you are settled for life.         




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