Top 10 Platforms to Earn Cash through Review Writing

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The freelancing industry has been enjoying impressive growth for more than one decade. In addition to the flexible working hours and freedom to work anywhere, freelancers are happy with their earnings. According to Freelance Industry Report, more than 80% freelancers today are happier than fulltime job hunters. No one blames freelancers to put extra efforts to the job, because freelancing has become an enticing prospect and a way to earn thousands of dollars every month.

If you’ve flair with words, don’t put your talent to waste and start writing reviews at the following top 10 websites;


This website pays when your reviews go live; choose the products and services from the site’s categories and start writing. A writer’s reviews help the customers decide whether to buy a particular product or not, which is why the writing policies are extremely tough. Students and housewives can sign up at Dooyoo to get paid $20 to $100 per approved review. You can even turn your earned points into Amazon gift vouchers.



2. Shvoong

Shvoong is the place to find summaries and reviews about almost everything. It is an exceptional platform to start writing reviews of books, celebrities, newspapers, academic papers and websites. The standard length of an article is 700-1000 words; make sure you proofread every piece before final submission because three strikes can lead to permanent termination of writer’s account. Shvoong earns from website’s ad revenues and pay reviewers 10%. Payments are sent once in a month when your account reaches a minimum limit of $10.


3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research brands itself as a “Get Paid to Review” platform. It is useful for the freelance writers looking to get paid fixed amount per review. Write and submit as many contents as you want, making sure that their quality is high enough to meet the website’s standards. Reviewers are rewarded $50 per approved review or points to enjoy online shopping.


4. User Testing

User Testing pays inexperienced writers $10-$25 per review, and experienced reviewers get $50 to $75 per piece. Basically, the website aims to use your reviews to get better rank, so perform search and navigate its different sections to understand whole procedure. Writers are bound to use online screen recorder to prepare screenshots of the sites they visit.


Ciao pays around $20 per review you submit about its products. The website also facilitates the users with paid surveys, maximizing their chances to earn handsome cash at home. As a reviewer of Ciao, you’ll have to participate in comments and forum discussions. Your earnings are based on ratings given by customers and other website users. You can request payment through Paypal once the balance reaches £25.


6. Review Stream

Review Stream allows you to write reviews about movies, books, products, games and much more. The website accepts reviewers from all over the world, but those with native writing skills are given high preference. Get $2-$15 for each review you write.

7. Epinions

At Epinions, you don’t get paid instantly for the approved review; instead you’ve to wait until a customer clicks on your write-ups. Get $10 for every review that receives maximum clicks.


8. AffiliateWindow 

AffiliateWindow pays its writers through affiliate marketing and review writing. Being a part of this website, you’ve the freedom to write as many reviews as you want at $4 per piece. Instead of just going to other platforms to purchase your favorite smartphone or outfit, use AffiliateWindow and complete short surveys to make extra cash. Payments are sent via Paypal.

9. PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination encourages writers to sign-up and write reviews on websites, e-books, and smartphones. Being a part of its large writing community, you’ll enjoy all benefits like free access to multiple tutorial courses, paid surveys and $10 per review.

10. Minterest

Minterest welcomes global writers, bloggers and reviewers to join their network. Signing up an account takes only 2-3 minutes; but before you start writing reviews, you’ve to pass grammar test with at least 75% marks. The website pays $50 per review through Paypal or wire transfer once your balance reaches the minimum limit of $500.

Graduates should not be afraid of freelancing; it is in fact a fantastic career option. If you’re newbie, then take some time to learn how to write efficiently. Rejection will become like water off a duck’s back, but when your work starts getting green light, it will be a worth for your professional life.

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