Top 5 False Assumptions Made About Introverted Employees

If you are an introverted individual, you may have been misunderstood, and people have probably made false assumptions about you. Being an introvert is more than the usual stereotype of feeling shy. Introverts do feel shy at times. However, that is not their defining factor and main center of gravity. Introverts are more energized by being alone rather than spending an over-abundance of time with others.

Sometimes being around other people for too long can drain their energy and drive. As an employee, you can sometimes be misunderstood in the workplace by management or fellow coworkers. This article will address the top 5 false assumptions people make about introverts.

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1. You Have Nothing to Talk About

Introverts generally keep silent unless they have something important to say. Many times in the workplace, such employees can be misunderstood. People falsely assume that because they are silent, they don’t have anything to talk about or add to the conversation.

Introverted individuals are many times overlooked as not having anything important to say. However, managers and coworkers should take into consideration that we all have differing personalities and introverts need to be related to according to their specific needs.

2. You Are Unsociable & Conceited

Another false assumption that people make about introverted employees is that they are unsociable and do not like to be included in team projects, company events or hang out with co-workers on lunch breaks. Additionally, managers and coworkers can misunderstand their quiet temperament as one that is conceited. However, those are false assumptions and can hinder team unity and derail a positive workplace environment. For example, many times introverts work better by actively listening and processing the conversation as it occurs. They don’t usually react rashly but put deep thought into their actions and responses.

3. You Should Change Your Behavior

Introverted employees are also misunderstood as individuals who need to change their behavior. However, managers and coworkers need to realize that there is nothing wrong with introverts. We all have issues and varying personalities that we need to deal with.

Of course, we should always work hard at changing our negative behaviors. Yet, it is important to realize the difference between a negative behavior and something about our personality that others simply cannot understand—the latter does not need to be changed.

4. You Need a Personal Spokesperson

As an introvert myself, this is one of the false assumptions that truly ruffles my feathers. Of course, introverts do not need others to speak for them. Introverts are intelligent people too, but simply operate under differing methods than extroverts.

In the workplace, the actual environment can sometimes play a part in how well an introvert communicates. If there is not a positive and accepting vibe, then sometimes, they can feel overwhelmed by the office extroverts and remain extra quiet. However, introverts do have important things to say and should be permitted to speak on their own.

5. You Are Unintelligent

This final false assumption in the listing is that introverted employees are unintelligent, and that is exhibited because they don’t always speak up. When they take the time to think and process information before speaking out, they can be considered foolish or stupid. However, this is completely false and a very unfair assumption to make; especially in the workplace. All employees and team members should be treated fairly and allowed to blossom to their own professional ability.

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Are you an introverted employee? Have you experienced any issues in the workplace where management or fellow employees made false assumptions about you?