Top 5 jobs that May Not Suit the 'Health Conscious' Individuals

Talking about health hazards in a workplace, 40% of workers in Australia may be exposed to harmful chemicals that increase the risk of cancer, according to an Australian research team [302 from]. Some of the most common disease-causing factors include tobacco smoke, solar radiation and diesel engine exhaust.

Jobs like power line repairing and lodging are dangerous and have a record of causing some of the worst fatalities every year. You may not realize that your career is making you sick, as it is generally considered safe. However, if you are very ‘health conscious’, these five jobs may not for you:

#1 A career in the construction field


Machines and falling objects that have the knack of converting digits into stumps may not be the only hazard on-site. The American Association of Lungs predicts that approximately 1.3 million workers in the construction field are exposed to asbestos.

When asbestos accumulate in your lungs over time, it causes scarring that stiffens your lungs. This condition is better known as asbestosis. It can develop cancer over a period of forty years after being exposed to the toxins.

If you have spent considerable time working on construction sites, consult with your doctor as to whether you may have to take a lung cancer screening. The earlier such conditions are determined, the better. The United States Preventive Services Task Force has recently released health guidelines about lung cancer screenings, which also includes ‘being exposed to asbestos’.

#2 Agriculture



You must be surprised to see this one in the list. True, farmers may have lower death rate records thanks to their physically active lifestyle and relatively low exposure to smoke. And as such they also have less chances of being victims to heart disease and lung cancer.

However, these men have high risk of being victims to other conditions, as reported by the National Cancer Institute. Some of these conditions include non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, multiple myeloma and other cancer types like lip cancer, skin cancer, brain, stomach and prostate.

If you are wondering why, farmers are exposed to numerous dangerous chemicals like engine exhaust, pesticides, fungicide, fertilizers, fuels, dust and animal viruses.

#3 Pilots


There is a saying “don’t fly too close to the sun”. And that explains why a pilot’s career is not for the ‘health conscious’ ones. Studies conducted by the University of Iceland, reveals that airline pilots are 25% more prone to malignant melanoma (the deadliest type of skin cancer). Researchers suggest that there are many factors like cosmic radiation and other lifestyle factors leading to an airline pilot’s skin cancer susceptibility. Crossing multiple climatic zones affects a human body’s capacity to fight diseases.

#4 Firefighters


You may be thinking that smoke inhalation and trauma are the most serious hazards. But no! According to the United States Fire Administration reports, firefighters are 7 times more prone to heart attacks than death caused by smoke inhalation or trauma. A Harvard University report suggests psychological and physical stress increases a firefighter’s risk of heart attacks. Battling the blaze increases hazards of heart disease a hundred fold.

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#5 Desk Jobs


You may be arguing that you have the best cushion chairs and ergonomic keyboards. According to research by the University of South Carolina, sedentary jobs are 82% more prone to cardiovascular health issues when compared to jobs that involve less sitting. Inactivity also means burning lesser calories.

On the positive side, researchers have discovered that frequent exercises and regular breaks can significantly chip down damaging effects.

The above details are not to convey the idea - ‘do not take up these jobs’. They are meant to enlighten you on the possible health hazards of taking up these jobs.

Have you ever thought of taking up one of these jobs? Please feel free to share your views and opinions on the ideas suggested above.