Top Ten Petroleum Engineering Colleges in USA

Petroleum engineers are on demand and will be for many years to come. Energy as a commodity always has an increase demand and this is precisely why any career that has a relationship with its storage, creation and transmission will never run out of demand by employers. There is always need for a balanced, affordable, environmental friendly and steady energy supply. Recent news proves that petroleum engineering is one of the top ten highly paid occupations. A lucrative career always starts in college and this is why you need to enroll in only the top colleges in order to be successful.

1. 1. University of Texas at Austin

1930 was the exact year Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering program commenced at the University of Texas at Austin. It is currently among the top college in petroleum engineering graduate program. In addition, it is ranked the second in the undergrad program of the same major. Each year, the college admits approximately 90 students with an average SAT of 1370. Students enjoy a tight-knit environment required to equip them with the skills needed to prepare them for field leadership. Math, physics, management, analysis, geology and oil & gas extraction are among the courses studied at the university.

2. 2. Texas A & M

U.S. News has consistently ranked Texas A & M’s petroleum engineering program as one of the top engineering undergraduate and PhD programs. 200 graduates from this program join the employment world each year with the same number enrolling to pursue a degree in petroleum engineering. Students are provided with basic training in engineering science, fundamental engineering principles as well as a 6-week internship in an oil field operation.

3. 3. Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado school of mines concentrates on earth sciences as well as engineering programs. The petroleum engineering department in this college has a goal to provide an education background at graduate and undergraduate levels, contribute largely to the industry and perform in-depth and useful research in petroleum technology. Since teamwork between both earth sciences and engineering programs is important, the University puts an emphasis on this in accordance with the programphilosophy. Petroleum engineering is a broad field that calls for a broader understanding of the energy issues affecting the field. Graduates from this school are well aware of renewable energy technologies as well as environmental issues.

4. 4. Stanford University

Stanford University offers graduate, masters and PhD degrees in energy resources engineering (ERE) also known as petroleum engineering. The main goal of the university is to teach relevant courses and perform researches that contribute to the transformation and production of energy resources.

5. 5. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

With over 60 years’ experience providing petroleum engineering education New Mexico is what you need to hit the $85,000 salary. Owing to the consistent growth in the oil industry, petroleum engineering is projected to run the show into the 21st century and beyond. Graduates from New Mexico Tech are reported to go home with big checks

6. 6. University of Southern California

University of Southern California (USC) through its Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (MFD) provides students with an engineering education relevant for the industry’s needs. MFD has an excellent reputation in chemical engineering, materials science as well as petroleum engineering. If you are looking to join a college that is internationally recognized for its leadership in the profession and diverse education of graduates that are well placed in the industry, USC is your first option for sure.

7. 7. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma (U.O) is one of the leading research institutions regarding petroleum technology. U.O’s Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering is world-renowned for excellence in equipping graduate, masters and PhD students with multicultural and diverse workplace environment that reflects the ever-changing trends in the industry. The college also arranges for conferences and publications with high-end faculty and industry leaders that encourage students to conduct original research as well as gain experience and visibility.

8. 8. Texas Tech

The Bob L.Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering of Texas Tech has quality industry-experienced faculty responsible for infusing students with an educational background as well as other skills needed to charge the industry. Each faculty member has 15 years of experience therefore well able to combine both scientific and sound engineering principles that work together to bring out industry-ready graduates.

9. 9. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Graduates from UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering are on high demand by the service industry, major production companies and private companies mainly because they are the best in the industry. The college has fostered unique partnerships with operators in the oil and gas industry consequently benefiting the economy of Louisiana. UL Lafayette takes pride in its ability to help coordinate training programs for companies as well as personnel in the oil and gas industry through its continued education courses. The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET has accredited their petroleum engineering program.

10. 10. Marietta College

Aside from accreditation by the EAC of ABET, the Edwy R. Brown department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology has been ranked the 10th largest petroleum engineering program in the US. The small sized environment gives an opportunity for students to receive help on a personal educational and professional level. Students have the opportunity to undertake internship placements from Ohio Valley to California and even across the borders. Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Women in Engineering and the American Association of Drilling Engineers are among the many organizations that meet regularly with the students to develop professional abilities in them.

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