How to Turn Your Bartender Job Into CV Gold!

Bartending - Employability Skills

Many people take up bar work as it's widely available and allows time for other endeavours. There is a misconception that bartending is a secluded job sector and once you're in, it is difficult to get out of. The truth is that most bartenders have ambitions outside of bar work and use it solely as a reliable source for regular income. This isn't to say that bartending is a lowly occupation for those who generally love the job. It's a thriving business that attracts a whole range of customers and requires a complete variety of skills to be an efficient worker. For most people though, bar work is just a stepping stone towards their ideal job.

For those who are worried about having bar work as their only professional experience, here is a list of transferable skills the job has given you in order to get started in your chosen career.

As a bartender your communication skills are second to none. You have a proven ability of not only working with fellow members of staff but members of the public too. With these skills, you are able to defuse an escalating situation and have efficient problem solving capabilities.

Bars are a breeding ground for all works of life. You don’t know who will walk in next. This allows you to network and show off your interpersonal skills. If a customer happens to be in the industry you are striving for, talk to him about his job. This can give you an inside look of the industry from a worker’s perspective and provide a head start that isn’t available to other applicants. You might even be able to wrangle an interview there and then if a person of appropriate authority walks in!

Bar staff  handle a lot of cash and the temptation to skim a bit off the top is certainly there. By resisting this temptation you have shown that you are a trustworthy person. With money changing hands at a fast rate of pace, you are entrusted to ensure that the right amount is always in the till as well as in the customer’s hand. Also, as a seller of products, you are responsible for maintaining stock of a variety of values.

Bars are notorious for having horrible working hours and if you are a student then you are a prime target to take the worst shifts available. However, it shows that you are a willing worker who makes sure that a maximum amount of effort is put into the job, regardless of what time of day it is. You have shown evidence of hard work and determination in working during such unsociable hours. 

In today’s competitive job market you need as much experience as possible so any work you can get is good experience. The last thing that recruiters want to see is someone who has never had a job. Get a bar job and make the most of it. It isn’t as dead-end as it’s perceived to be. It might even help you get the job of your dreams.