Use AIDA When Writing a Job Advert

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There are a number of techniques that can be used when writing job advertisements and some of the most effective techniques are very similar to those used in other forms of advertising. The purpose of a job advert is to appeal to your target audience and ultimately receive job applications.

When writing a job advertisement your aim is to sell the product – with the product being the job. Your potential customers are the readers of the job advert, and you need to appeal to them in an engaging manner. Your purpose is to attract as much interest as possible. Above all, you want to find a candidate that has the required skills and experience for the job.

Methods to adopt when creating a job advert

Remember your aim when creating a job advertisement is to sell the job. A classic acronym to follow is the AIDA selling format: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Using AIDA when creating an advert

This means that good job advertisements must first attract attention from the right job seekers, attract a good degree of interest from the right people and create desire in the job seeker to pursue to role. One final step that all recruiters need to adopt is to ensure that there is a very clear call to action at the bottom of the advertisement.

Job advertisement no-nos

Job advertisements that fail to follow the AIDA principle will fail to attract the right job applicants to the position. Therefore in order to attract the attention of appropriate job seekers and effectively fill your available role, you should avoid:

  • Over designed graphics
  • Extravagantly presented layouts
  • Long, complicated words
  • Overly large, small or fancy font
  • Words written in italics, bold and other styles sporadically
  • Words written in upper case
  • Adverts that are uneasy on the eye
  • Huge half or double page spreads

Job advertisement tips for success

Stick to simple, clean fonts and sizes. Use short, concise sentences that are easy to read. Write in the first person and speak directly to the reader. Grab the reader’s attention by maintaining AIDA throughout. Create a strong, engaging headline that is prominent. Be strategic with regards to the placement of your advertisement. The best position is the top right corner of the right page, as this is where the eyes naturally drop when reading the paper.