Why Oversharing is Good for You

There are two different schools of thought regarding oversharing. Some people think it’s good and can benefit your overall health and well-being. For example, venting your feelings of exhaustion to your manager can help you by having this person honestly review your workload and ascertain whether or not you need to make adjustments to your required tasks. While others feel that you open yourself up to making mistakes with who you share information and later regretting having even shared the information at all. Just imagine having a fight with your boyfriend and threatening to break up with him. You call all your girlfriends and dish the details. Then later on, you end up making up with your boyfriend and now everyone knows your business when they didn’t really need to. However, there are important reasons why you should consider joining the camp of oversharers and start reaping the benefits of oversharing.

Improves Your Mood & Lowers Your Stress Levels

Oversharing is good because it can lighten your stress level and help you to cope better with your problems. If you are trying to handle a negative situation alone, your stress level will increase at a dramatic rate. That’s definitely not good for your personal health and well-being. Simply sharing how you feel can improve your mood even if the situation remains the same. Being able to improve your mood simply because you overshared details about your situation is a good thing. Walking around like an emotional zombie because you are too afraid to overshare information will greatly hinder your productivity in the workplace. That is not a positive situation for you or your manager. When your mood is positive and your mind is focused on work, rather than your negative circumstances, you are able to perform like a professional at work.

For example, not being able to pay your car payment and having creditors call you day and night is definitely going to negatively impact your mood. That negative perspective will not help you to concentrate on work. Oversharing those details with a trusted colleague can be the deciding factor in whether or not your mood changes and you’ll be able to focus again on being productive in your job. If you are experiencing relationship problems with your spouse or significant other, that can become a situation that warrants oversharing with your colleagues. Again, you need to find a balance. Don’t share your woes with every single coworker you see that day. However, being able to share your relationships issues with a trusted colleague can help you to lower your stress level. Then you can try to find a way to focus on what’s important in the moment, which is being productive at work.

Strengthens Social Bonds in the Workplace

Oversharing is good for you because it will strengthen your social bonds. Having strong emotional bonds with your colleagues is an important factor toward continuing to cultivate and develop a positive workplace environment. Oversharing any personal or professional issues you have can provide you with a unique opportunity to strengthen these social bonds with your coworkers. You can be real with each other. When you have the chance to develop these relationships, you will be more likely to trust these individuals more when it comes to working on team projects together and being productive in the workplace.

Only overshare with a select few colleagues and don’t decide to call an impromptu team meeting simply to discuss your recent divorce or continual conflict with your crazy neighbor and her Beagle that barks all night long. Your boss would definitely consider that too much oversharing and you’d probably get reprimanded. Instead, you’d focus on the main issue you’re having and directly engage in oversharing this information with these chosen colleagues. Misery loves company. For example, oversharing with your colleagues, as you walk off lunch on your daily trek around the building, will give you an opportunity to get to know your work friends better. When you overshare about how you had too much to drink the night before on your first date and barely made it back into your apartment before passing out, you can connect with these friends. Your admission will open the door to their own oversharing. As you vent your frustrations, you’re developing deeper social bonds with these individuals, which will positively impact your performance in the workplace.

Elicits Constructive Feedback on Problems

Oversharing is also good because it gives you the opportunity to elicit constructive feedback on your problems from trusted individuals. Of course, you may sometimes be given advice that you’d rather toss in the trash. However, if you are focused on oversharing with the right people who you trust, you should gain invaluable feedback that will help you to constructively view the negative situation. Then you can find positive solutions. Again, any time you can move forward from allowing the negative circumstances to overwhelm your mindset, you are making positive steps in the right direction.

Maybe you need to overshare about your stalker ex-boyfriend who is starting to creep you out because you feel like he’s been following you to work. You have found flowers left at your door, love notes taped to your computer and gifts left at your house. This is definitely a perfect situation when oversharing with a few of your colleagues is a good thing. For example, you should be able to receive constructive feedback on how to handle the situation. Obviously, this issue is hindering your productivity. Who can blame you? You have a psycho stalker coming to your workplace. When you tell your work friends what’s been going on, you’re bound to get constructive feedback from someone. By oversharing, you’ll be able to get sage advice that will help you to see passed the drama to find a positive and productive solution to get rid of your stalker.

Provides Opportunities to See Your Flaws

None of us are perfect and sometimes we can use a reflective look in the mirror of life. When you are going through negative circumstances and have the need to overshare with others, you may be provided with the perfect opportunity to see your flaws. Seeing the error of your ways can be a pivotal point in your life. You have the decision to make positive and productive changes or to ignore your short-comings and keep doing what you’re doing. The latter is only getting you deeper into the messy situation.

For example, oversharing to your colleagues about your risqué habit of dating older, married men may start off as a fun expose of your exciting wild side. However, it can also give you the opportunity to see yourself and your actions through the mirror of someone else’s eyes. Hopefully your friends aren’t judging you. Only you can be the true judge of your own life. However, sometimes simply oversharing with others can help you to see the potential dangers in your behavior.

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Oversharing has many positive benefits. When you overshare with colleagues and trusted friends, you’ll have a positive outlet where you can vent while improving your mood. Being able to overshare about the chaotic drama in your life can provide you with the opportunity to lighten your stress level and then you can perform better in the workplace. Oversharing creates wonderful opportunities for you to build relationships with colleagues as you cultivate strong social bonds. It is an excellent chance for you to get the constructive feedback that you may need to solve a problem or have an opportunity to see your flaws. Whether it’s a loving kick in the rear or an encouraging pat on the back to keep doing what you’re doing—oversharing will give you the input you need to make the right choices that must be made.

Have you ever overshared with your colleagues? What happened and what benefits did you receive from oversharing?