Worst Mistakes to Make when Changing your Career Path

Changing careers at any stage in your life can be quite the challenge, and this is made even harder in times of economic recession! As such, it is vital that you avoid making some of the most commonly made mistakes when changing careers in order to avoid being disappointed, or worse – unemployed!

Take a look at some of the worst mistakes to make when changing your career!

#1 Not having a solid and realistic plan

A successful career change requires a detailed plan of action together with realistic goals and time frames to achieve them in.

#2 Being bullied out of your job

Never allow another person, or group of people to force you out of your job. If you enjoy your career and are happy with the way it is progressing, then you must stand your ground and assert yourself against workplace bullies.

#3 Basing your career move on money

Changing careers is not a guaranteed way of making more money; you have to bear in mind that you will need to retrain, get experience and work your way up to the point of earning a good salary. Career moves based solely on salary incentives is not the best move to make and in some cases can results in you being unhappy whilst earning only fractionally more than you did previously.

#4 Not doing the ground work

Changing your career without knowing what it involves is a rookie error to make. You may want to change careers to a particular area of expertise, but you may find that you do not have the necessary capability of getting the relevant qualifications, or you may find that the line of work you are interested in is in fact nothing like what you thought.

#5 Changing your career because you had a bad week at work

Having a bad week at work is not a reason to completely change your career direction. If you are unhappy in your job that is one thing, but simply having a bad week is not reason enough to alter your entire career.  If you are regularly finding yourself having bad weeks at work, yet you like the actual purpose of your job, then it may just be time to find a new employer.