10 Things you Should Never put in Your CV [infographic]

In order to make a good first impression to employers, you have to ensure that your CV can represent you effectively. This means that upon writing up your CV you have to be as careful as possible so that you avoid common mistakes employers often see on CVs!

Only the Essentials

Apart from ensuring that you are putting the essentials into your CV such as work history, key skills and achievements you also have to think about what’s unnecessary to put in your CV. This will save you both some of your time updating your CV and will make some room on the document for the information that’s most relevant to the job.

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Remove Your Date of Birth

For example, did you know that you didn’t have to include your date of birth on your CV? Or that you don’t have to list your hobbies? This kind of information and more useful tips are provided by this infographic produced by CareerSavvy that aims to help you learn how to write a CV that is as professional and creative as it should be!



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