10 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know

Maybe your boss is your best friend, but for many of us, our evil bosses act a lot more like the soup nazi from Seinfeld- “No soup for you!”

Bosses often abuse their positions of power, and really though, who can blame them? If you had the ability to shut down people you didn’t like and to regulate your workplace the way you wanted, you probably would too; but, bosses often use their power, along with our own personal ignorance, to keep us in the dark. Your boss has some dirty little secrets that will take away some of that shroud of secrecy surrounding their authority. Here are 10 things that your boss doesn’t want you to know; use these secrets wisely. Power to the people!

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1. They Were Once Just Like You

Once upon a time, many years ago, in a galaxy far away, your boss was just like you. It may be hard to believe, but he or she was once a lowly entry level worker that worked their way up through some sort of company to get where they are. Managers aren’t born, they are created over time and through experience. Your boss doesn’t want you to know this, but they were once in the same place that you are, working for a jerk boss- even Darth Vader started out as a Jedi apprentice.

2. They Make Mistakes Too

Bosses often do a lot to cover up when they make a mistake, but ultimately, anything that goes wrong under their supervision falls back onto them. Everyone has made mistakes in life, messed things up or just found themselves incompetent at times; well your boss is no different. Under that puffed up chest, hard exterior and iron fist, your boss makes mistakes just like you do

3. You Don't Need Your Job

Your boss definitely doesn’t want you to know that you hold the power in your hands. They don’t want you to know that you don’t need your job and that you can always go on and work somewhere else. Your bosses will often do their best to make you feel like their property, they will emphasize how important your job is, or they will tell you how difficult it could be to find something else, but ultimately you possess your own freedom and you can leave your job any time you please.

4. Mandatory Overtime is Never Mandatory

How many times have you heard the talk? “Everybody, we are going to have to pull together and pull some extra hours to get all this work done.” Many bosses will tell you that you have to work overtime when things get hectic at work, but I will let you in on a secret- you don’t have to do overtime. Your boss really can’t mandate that you work hours beyond your regular schedule, but they do have the right to fire you for not participating, but in that case, see # 3...

5. You Have to be Paid for Meetings

If your boss decides to hold a meeting outside normal work hours or if they call you into a meeting on your day off, as long as you are an hourly earning employee, you have to be paid for your time. Some companies may also reimburse employees for the miles you drive and the time you spend in your car to get to meetings, but employers must pay you for the time in meetings, so make sure you clock in and get paid; this isn’t an option either, this is the law, so make sure to let your boss know you are expecting that extra 30 minutes of overtime on your next check.

6. They Monitor Everything

If you have a company email address or if you have a work computer, you can bet that your boss has access to company property. Your boss is most likely monitoring everything that you do and every email you send on your computer. There are even some horror stories of bosses using password trackers on company computers to access personal email accounts or social media accounts; just be aware, if you are doing something on a company computer, there is a good chance you are being watched. Proceed with caution.

7. It is a Dog Eat Dog World

Your boss might be your friend, and you might even be close with them, but trust me, if it comes down to you or them, it will always be them first. If you make a mistake at work and it comes down to you being disciplined or your boss taking the fall for you, then you will be the one who ends up on the line. Just remember to be careful with what you tell your boss, and be sure to remember that it is a dog eat dog world, and the big dogs got big from eating the others before them.

8. Discuss Working Conditions

If mandatory overtime, employee abuse, or any other sort of wrong doing is going on at your job, employees are protected by the law to meet up and discuss working conditions. Employees have the right to meet and discuss working conditions and the boss can’t legally do anything about it, but you know, the boss can always be the boss and start firing people for participating-his excuse will be different though, so just be careful.

9. They Need You

Your boss will probably never tell you this, but they probably need you. It takes time to hire an employee, train them, and allow them time to become good at what they do and your boss definitely doesn’t want to go through all the trouble to replace you. As long as you show up and make a reasonable attempt to do your job, your boss doesn’t want to get rid of you; use that fact to your advantage.

10. Crappy Announcements at 4pm on Friday

Have you ever noticed that all those meetings where you are told about mandatory overtime, or the boss announces pay cuts or layoffs, or generally talks about any other negative topics are always held on a Friday right, before everyone gets off for the weekend? Is it a coincidence that all bad news happen on Friday at 4pm? Well, no. It is because your boss knows there is less room for trouble, if you get the bad news on the way out the door and with the weekend to cool off. It may be kind of deceptive, but your boss is always going to use all the tools at their disposal to get things done..

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Your boss is, ultimately, just a human being. They aren’t special, different or better than you in any way, but they certainly aren’t going to tell you that. Positions of power often have a way of turning Jekyll into Hyde, but lucky for you, you are now prepared with the secrets to counter your boss’ secrets.

Be careful though, if your boss feels threatened by you, there is a good chance they are going to get rid of you, so play it cool, act dumb, and just show up- trust me, it will be easier that way anyway.

What about you? Have you figured out any of your boss’ secrets? What types of things do you think your boss is keeping from you? Or maybe, are you a boss yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.