10 Types of People to Have in Your Work Clique

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When you were in college, you formed a group of friends that compared to none. You didn’t necessarily hand pick these people, but you didn’t exactly dismiss them. You met some at your college job, some in your classes, in dorm and met others in your fraternity. Each friend played a special role in your life and really made your college experience bearable.  College was one of the best times of your life thanks to them.

Now that you have graduated and are taking your talents to your first job, you are forced to leave your college squad. You will miss them dearly but you’ve accepted that this is all a part of growing up. When you first start your job, you feel like something is missing. You rattle your brain about the big gaping hole you feel and figure it’s because you don’t have your diverse group of friends surrounding you anymore. In an effort to fill this hole, you plan on rounding up a world class group of work friends to make your job more enjoyable. Here are 10 types of people to have in your new work clique.

1. The Brainiac


You need the brainiac to help you understand things that are beyond your scope. You both went to college but he was the overachiever and you were the “C’s get degrees” kind of student. He is like a human computer that knows everything about anything. He is resourceful and can save you from embarrassing yourself from lack of knowledge in your field. The brainiac will fill the role of the smart one because you sure as hell can’t do it.

2. The Sidekick

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The sidekick is kind of like your best friend at work, but better. He will ride or die for you and will be your accomplice in all of your weird marketing proposals and projects. The sidekick is perfect because he fully dedicates himself to you and wants you to succeed. He lives vicariously through you, so when you get a promotion or is praised for doing a spectacular job, he feels the happiness as well. The sidekick is there for you no matter what. You really need to have one in your work clique.  

3. The Fashionista

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The trendy fashionista (or fashionisto) is your go to person for all of your work attire. The fashionista will point out what you should wear to your business meetings, your interviews, your presentations, and probably even work happy hour. She is a valued member of the clique because she understands the power of looking good even though you have nothing intelligent to say. Being charismatic and stylish can get you far in your career.

4. The Brown Noser

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You wouldn’t expect to want this person on your team but they will give you the heads up when trouble is brewing. The brown noser is annoyingly close to your boss and will be able to tell you what the executive team is thinking. He will keep you in line and make sure that you always follow protocol. Don’t ever think that he will rat you out to the boss, even though he has thought about it a couple of times. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and uses his brown nosing for good.

5. The Grinder


This is the hardest working person you will have in your squad. This person will be the one to stay late with you and come to work early with you. She will be the one that goes the extra mile and will encourage you to go the extra mile too. The grinder is dedicated to the company and the job, and isn’t afraid to break a sweat. You know that this is the person you need to stick to because they are destined to be a CEO. You want a slice of their millions when they make it into the big leagues.

6. The Wallflower

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The wallflower is your eyes and ears around the office. No one ever notices that she is there so you use that to your advantage. She helps you find out what jobs are opening up and all of the latest office gossip. The wallflower is your secret spy within the company and you love it. No one would ever suspect her of being a gossip as well, but that is one of the perks of being a wallflower. The wallflower may be unnoticed by your colleagues but your ears are always there when she is ready to speak.

7. The Joker

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This is the one person who will make your work life truly entertaining. The joker will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing. If you come to work in a bad mood, you can guarantee he will change that. You will seek him out when you need a good laugh or even when you want to have your go at making him laugh. He is the person that makes you happy. You can’t go wrong with a joker on your team.

8. The Rager

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The rager is your happy hour buddy and also your weekend companion. She knows how to relieve your stress after work and is always the one to buy the first round of shots. The rager is your designated dance partner and drunk bestie. You admire the rager because she has the ability to go out during the week and somehow is able to still make it to work. You hope that she will teach you that skill very soon.

9. The Gym Bunny

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You know that you are in desperate need of a gym bunny. The gym bunny is the person in your work clique that will encourage you to go the gym with them on a daily basis. He will help you bring a healthy lunch to work and keep you from snacking on the office donuts. The gym bunny will keep you fit and in shape. Even though you are extremely lazy, the gym bunny gets you to the gym and pushes you to sweat the fat away.  

10. The Superstar

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This skilled person is not quite your boss but is someone who is in a higher position than you are. He has been with the company for a long time and has moved up through the years. He is your role model and the person you turn to for advice in regards to work etiquette. When you have a work issue, you immediately run to the superstar because you know that he has been in your position before, and survived. This talented person is your guiding light in the dark tunnel of your work life.

You may already have these people in your work squad or you may have someone that fills all of these roles in your life. You squad is more useful than just posting a picture of them on your Instagram. They make you laugh, they keep you in the loop, they encourage you to better yourself, and want you to succeed in your career. They are your backbone and you need them in and out of work. Whether you are a new hire or a veteran who has just changed companies, remember to seek out your trusty work clique.