5 Creative Strategies Companies Employed to Entice Candidates

Who said that only jobseekers find it hard to find their dream role? Companies who seek for top talent find the landscape to be equally competitive. The task of spotting the front runners within a large and immensely competitive talent pool is really daunting for recruiters.  In order to attract tech-savvy, social media driven Millennials, some of the world’s most notable companies came up with these creative ways to attract candidates instead of resorting to the conventional recruiting methods…

1. IKEA: “Career Instructions”


IKEA decided to appeal to the masses in order to identify the best talent for their new megastore in Australia. They amusingly inserted career instructions - which looked like the traditional furniture instructions – into each of their flat packs. This idea was not only cost-effective as it helped the company save advertising costs, but it also targeted people who love the brand and who could pass the information on to friends and family. The final result? $0 media advertising and postage costs, 4,285 quality applications received and 280 new careers assembled.   

2. Sage: Google Business View

Instead of giving prospective employees an idea of what the company is like from a piece of paper, Sage decided to show applicants how great their workplace is. Yes! They enabled people to get the inside scoop of their premises using the virtual tour technology used in Street View. The company takes pride in its workplace so it decided to virtually open the doors to show off its fantastic working environment and culture and remove any misconceptions that they are another dull white-collar organization. Interestingly, to encourage people to navigate their way around the building, the Sage team ran an online treasure hunt competition giving contestants the chance to win a luxury weekend for two in Newcastle.

3. Marriott Hotel: Gamification


The Marriot Hotel decided to employ a ‘playful’ recruitment strategy, giving potential applicants a taste of what it is like to work in their hotels, restaurants and kitchens. Players could buy several supplies based on their budget and manage different employees. The organization decided to move the game onto Facebook in a bid to target talent in China and India, where it was harder to recruit staff. Eventually, this gamified recruiting approach helped Marriott attract a great deal of vital employees, while also maximising its brand impact around the world.

4. FP7: ‘The Hidden Phone’

Advertising agency, FP7, decided to capture the attention of local talent avoiding any expensive headhunter fees, by sending each candidate a beautifully designed, industry stylized book with a mobile phone hidden inside. Wait though! It’s not a typical smartphone like the ones we all have. The phones were programmed with just one contact… the company’s executive creative director’s number. Within a week that the books were delivered and the ECD had received the calls he was waiting for. By the end of the campaign, the ad agency welcomed four new super talented and fresh recruits on board. The project cost a whopping $80,000, however, traditional recruitment methods costs would amount to more than the amount spent. The total cost of creating the Poaching phone books was roughly $1,639 whereas the phones were donated to the company for free by its Sony client. To cut the long story short, the total savings was an incredible 97%.

5. Google: Cryptic Billboard


The tech giant asked potential candidates to go through a mental test and choose those that were smart enough to solve the riddle placed on a billboard that read: “{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e} .com”. In order to filter out the very best candidates, Google even went a step further and asked candidates to solve a second puzzle, after which, successful applicants could submit their CVs.

With such creative recruitment campaigns, these companies did not only manage to find the sort of people they wanted to recruit, but they also established themselves as forward-thinking employers who place a lot value in their manpower. 


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