5 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn from Instagram

Instagram Life Lessons

Instagram - We all have one. Chances are you either check it too much, or lie about the fact that you don’t check it that much!

My Instagram is exactly what it should be – a reflection of me- my life, loves and adventures. It may seem like simply another social media app, but for many of us, consciously or not, it is much more than that. Although it can undoubtedly raise a few questions, a good Instagram session can also provide us with some pretty good perspective.

Here are 5 of my favourite life lessons that I was reminded of through my Instagram feed.

1. Knowledge is Power

Education is the process of discovering something we were previously unaware of. The more we learn, the more we know - I’m sure it’s not an unfamiliar process. I’m also positive I am not the only one that has come across something I was previously unaware of, simply by scrolling through my Instagram feed. 

Discovering a new clothing boutique or coffee shop in your area, or that someone you know has a new significant other may not seem overly important in the scheme of things - however it is a great reminder that knowledge can be gained in so many ways, and there are endless ways to fuel your curiostiy and learn more about the people, places and businesses that you follow. Pay attention to those around you and what they are telling you. You never know what you might learn or what connection it might spark. 

In both Instagram and the real world - greater knowledge will always lead to greater options. 

2. Creating Inspiration Is Awesome

When you post a quote, that is #relevant, and more than 50 of your followers think so too… That’s a win!

Many people on Instagram, whether you know them or not, are going through the same stages of life as you. It’s undoubtedly a part of why you are drawn to follow each other.

The feeling you get when someone comments that your post made their day, made them laugh, inspired them? It’s awesome. It reminds you that giving feels great and that sharing what you are passionate about is important.

Inspiring someone through sharing is a great feeling? Nothing can beat that!

3. Seek and You Shall Find

I am sure I’m not the only one to notice that when you are in need of a bit of advice, a push in the right direction, some inspiration or simply to be reminded that you are not alone… Instagram has some. The newsfeed has a magical ability to produce the quote you need or the image you desire, at exactly the right point in time. Maybe it is because we follow people in similar situations to us, or people that we look to for inspiration? Either way, it is a pleasant reminder that if you care about it enough, something will show you the way and it will always work out in the end.

Get out there and put your effort into whatever it is you care about, and the answers will come to you.

Knock, and it will be opened for you. Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find.

4. Play to Your Strengths

Something that is so important to remember when indulging in a scrolling session is that Instagram feeds are not a true depiction of life, they are people’s highlight reels.

No one is going to willingly post photos of the times their life isn’t super amazing and fun and successful - but why would you? These times are for you to reflect, build on, or just have a break.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important to you, and when things are amazing and fun and successful, don’t be afraid to share!

In life and in Instagram, you’ve got to play the game to a certain extent. Make that highlight reel your own- play to your strengths and you can’t lose, there are no wrong answers!

5. Comparison is Counterproductive

Particularly for the girls out there, scrolling through your Instagram feed is often an endless stream of beautiful women. People modelling clothes, in tropical destinations in a swimsuit, fitness models or simply women posting their gorgeous selfies – these days on Instagram it’s almost inevitable. I’ve said it before, You only see their highlight reel.

You have two choices. You can scroll through enviously and wish you looked like them- had their lives, their bodies, their fans. Or, you can admire their lives and their success and their beauty, at no expense of your own. Someone else’s success or beauty is not the absence of your own.

Don’t compare your life – appreciate everything you are and everything you have. The only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday, and if you focus on building on that, it will always be productive.

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There you have it, life lessons are present in the most unpredictable places. Have you found life lessons in any other unpredictable places?