5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss Regularly

As an employee you will need to check in with your boss regularly and ensure that you're living up to expectations. Try these questions on your boss.

Having a good relationship with your boss not only makes you better at your work but also improves your mood and overall job satisfaction. Since your boss is the one person who can either make you love or hate your job, it’s vital to know how to handle your boss and work with him/her effectively. Apart from that, though, you also need to know what your boss expects from you regarding work so that you ensure you are on the same page.

To be one step ahead from your boss you need to know what he/she wants you to do at any given point. Here are some of the questions you should be asking your boss more often.

1. How Are You Doing Today?

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It’s important to establish and maintain a good relationship with your boss. If you want to get on well with him/her, you at least need to show that you are trying. Checking in with your boss and finding out if he/she is feeling OK at the start of every day only takes a second and doesn’t cost you anything. Being concerned about your boss’s well-being isn’t something you need to hide, and if you genuinely care about your boss's health, you shouldn’t be shy about asking him/her this question.

2. How Do You Prefer to Communicate?

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This is a crucial question considering that every person is used to working differently. If you are dealing with an introvert boss, perhaps you won’t be having many team meetings, but instead more one-to-ones. But, if you are dealing with an extrovert leader, you are more likely to run from one meeting to another and get feedback on your work while other people are present. But, this depends on what you prefer and can work with. If your boss prefers to communicate with you with emails, instant messaging or in an individual meeting, then just go with it.

3. Am I Doing a Good Job?

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This question helps you to find out if your boss is happy with your work. It provides you with the opportunity to sit down and talk about your expectations. If your boss says that you need to change the way you work or suggests that you do something differently, you can try it out and see if it works for you and helps you complete your workload faster. Asking this question doesn’t mean that you don’t believe you are doing a good job. You are just checking with your boss if this is what you are supposed to be doing.

4. What Can I Do For You Today?

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Every day is different and gives you the chance to try harder. If you are hoping to help your boss and the rest of the team perform better, you need to ask them how you can be of better service. Making your boss’s day a more productive and successful will help the company. Asking your boss this question will allow you to realise what are his/her priorities and as such have a clear direction of what needs to be done day in day out.

5. What Is The One Thing You Care Most About?

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Companies’ priorities change depending on the profits it makes – or doesn’t make – and the ever-changing market competition. As such it’s important to check with your boss regularly to find out what she/he is currently working on. Asking your boss what she/he cares most about allows you to align your work with what your boss wants – and ultimately what the company needs from you.

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Being on good terms with your boss not only helps your relationship with him/her to improve, but also helps you communicate more effectively with your boss and be a better worker. Would you ask your boss these questions? Let me know in the comments section below…