5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry about Being Liked at Work

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This may be a newsflash to you, but you’re never going to be friends with everyone. Sorry, but you can forget about having Kumbaya campfire moments every single minute of the day with each of your coworkers. Sure, you should strive to be a likeable person who is genuine and tries to get along with everyone. However, be prepared for the hard facts that you won’t be liked all the time by every single person.

The good part about this news is that you don’t have to worry about being the most liked person in the office. Loosen up a bit and stop being so serious about catering to everyone’s whims and ideas of who you should be at work. Ok, so your boss’s opinion should matter to you, and hopefully he likes you. But, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t worry so much about being liked at work.

1. Your true colours can shine through

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When you finally figure out that you don’t have to worry about being liked at work, you can let your true colors shine through. Now, unless you’re secretly a vampire, zombie or psycho killer, it’s a freeing experience to let your true colors shine for the entire world to see. The freeing part comes into play when you begin to appreciate your own uniqueness and don’t really care what other people think of you. If you’re trying so desperately to be liked at work, you will bottle up your true nature and no one is even going to get to know the real you.

Of course, you may think that no one will like the real you. But, that’s the beauty of it. Not worrying about being liked, allows you to be unique and not care whether or not your coworkers accept your funky style or crazy personality. Letting your true colors shine through can be frightening and make you vulnerable. However, once you let go, people will be drawn to you like bees to honey because they sense your genuineness. Just don’t go shining all your colors and start streaking in the office! That could definitely cause people not to like you and get you fired for indecent conduct.

2. You’ll become great leadership material

When you stop caring what others think about you and whether or not you are the most loved person in the office, you become great leadership material. Sure, people want to actually like their bosses, managers and others in leadership positions. However, you shouldn’t worry about being liked because you begin to learn that popularity is not the most important thing at work. Think about your boss. Do you actually like her as a person? Would you go out to have a beer with her after work? Unless she’s young and cool like you, you’d probably skip out on that social encounter.

The point is that you may not actually like your boss, but she’s still in that position of leadership regardless of everyone in the office liking her. Translating that to your situation, that means you should focus more on your own career advancement rather than being the best loved work buddy whom everyone texts to go out for drinks with after work. Sure, the most liked guy in the office may have a rousing social life. But, he’s too busy worrying about being liked to focus on becoming a great leader.

3. You won’t be afraid to take risks

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Ok, so if you’re constantly running around trying to please everyone and be liked, you will never take risks. Sure, sometimes taking risks can be bad for your career or even your physical well-being. However, people who stay stagnant in the pond and never seek to take risks, won’t get ahead in their career. Stop worrying about being so liked and start seeing the value in stepping outside your comfort zone.

Of course, no one is advocating that you should take unnecessary risks by alienating all your coworkers simply to prove a point that you don’t need to be liked by anyone. You need to finesse your risk taking. Find that perfect balance where you’re taking appropriate risks while realizing that it’s ok if coworkers disagree with your risky decisions. You aren’t responsible for their positive or negative opinions of you. When you stop worrying about being liked at work, you begin to welcome taking more risks in your career, regardless of how others will perceive your decisions. Just make sure your risky behavior doesn’t cross the line and become risqué!

4. You’ll have no problem speaking your mind

When you stop worrying about being liked at work, you find that you’ll have no problem speaking your mind. That’s a good thing; especially if you were constantly worried before about what other people would think about your opinions. Imagine finally being able to break free from the chains binding you from speaking your mind—simply because you stopped worrying about being liked at work.

Just remember that being free to speak your mind doesn’t mean you should make people hate you by being mean. Telling your coworker that she’s a fat pig who eats too much and smells up the office with her pungent smelling food during lunch break is speaking your mind.But, it’s just going a tad overboard. You’re liable to be thrown overboard by this person, with the help of the angry mob of colleagues who really don’t like you now. Remember, you’re not trying to become the villain at the office. You want to become the interesting hero who doesn’t care what people think about him and who can freely speak what’s on his mind.

5. You’ll get more work done each day

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One final reason that you shouldn’t worry about being liked at work is that you’ll get more work done each day. People pleasers bring needless stress into their lives trying to make everyone happy. When you realize that it’s not important to be the most liked person in the office, you stop trying to please everyone. That means you will have more time to get your actual work done. Just imagine how much more free time you’ll have to be productive at work because you aren’t currying your colleague’s favor or jumping through hoops just to stay part of the in crowd at the office.

Sure, being part of your boss’s inner circle is good and something you should strive to accomplish. However, you don’t need to be in all the cliques and run yourself ragged trying to get invited every time your coworkers go out to lunch or hang out after work. Sure, it’s fun to be part of the in-crowd and hang out all the time and socialize both in and out of work. But, being included with these popular people doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful at work. You may have fun for a while, but you’ll have more fun once you stop worrying about being liked and start getting more work done. That includes investing time in your boss’s inner circle and cultivating your career. Soon enough, you’ll be the one on top, getting promoted and earning more money because you stopped being so concerned with being liked at work.

So are you still worrying about being the most liked person in the office? You have 5 perfectly good reasons why you shouldn’t worry about being liked at work. Don’t lose your sanity and run yourself into an early grave simply because of a compulsion to be liked. Like yourself first and concern yourself with succeeding in your career.

Have you run yourself ragged trying to be liked at work? Do you think it helped or hindered your career?