5 Struggles at Work only Muscly People will Understand

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There are MANY amazing benefits of being in good shape! You are healthier, you tend to be a happier person, you are more motivated, people tend to like and find you attractive, and you take fewer sick days. All things that make you a top employee!

But it’s not all peaches and cream. There are a number of problems you’ll face that NO ONE else in the office could possibly understand. Here are a few:

1. Everyone Hates You (Really, They're Just Jealous)

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Sadly, it has nothing to do with your personality or character -it’s all about the way you look! People like to think that they’re the best-looking in the room, but when you and your rockin’ body walk in, their hopes and dreams are dashed. It’s tough being the most handsome guy or most gorgeous gal, but you can’t help that you had "sexy beast" for breakfast. All your hard work has paid off, and the fact that everyone hates (or is jealous of) you for your amazing good looks is just the c**p you put up with for being the #1 looker in your office.

2. You're an Anti-Social Douchebag

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Not really, but that’s what everyone thinks of you! When everyone is gathering in the break room for birthday cake, hanging out at a bar or the local burger joint, or lounging around the box of donuts, they see you at your desk working and the whispers begin.

You know that you’re neither anti-social nor a douchebag, but you do know that the temptation of cake, donuts, burgers, and beer is just too much for any mortal to handle. It’s easier for you to avoid it, and that earns you your labels.

(Well, you’ll have the last laugh when they’re having a heart attack at 43!)

3. People Are Genuinely Terrified of You

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You can crush their tiny heads in your powerful hands or between your walnut-cracking thighs. What’s not to be afraid of?

When they see you lumbering down the hall (yes, you don’t walk, you frickin’ lumber!), they scurry out of your way. You may hear the whispers of "Jolly Green Giant" or "Shrek" behind you, but you just don’t care. Admit it, that terror is actually a little bit fun! No one ever asks you to work late!

4. People Call on You for Everything

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Does someone need to move the printer? Call the big guy! Is there a shipment of supplies that needs to be moved into the storage closet? You’re the one for the job! Is one of your co-workers in need of help getting up or down the stairs after an injury or surgery? You can do it!

There’s nothing more annoying than being called on for every little job or task that some shrimp-armed weakling is too lazy to do! It’s the cross that all muscly people have to bear.

5. Everyone Tells You About THEIR Gym Routine

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When that pasty, pudgy white accountant comes up to you and starts talking about his Pilates workout or cardio-box session, it takes all of your self-restraint to keep from punching him in the face! Who cares?

People think just because they attend a fitness class or hit the stationary bike an hour or two a week, that makes them on the same level as you. They’re happy to tell you all about yesterday’s epic workout" -the sort of workout you do as a gentle warm-up before bedtime!

It may be hard to believe, but having a gorgeous, well-muscled body can actually be a drawback in certain situations! Thankfully, you have a gorgeous, well-muscled body as a consolation prize for all the c*** you have to put up with.

What struggles do you face at work because of your fitness efforts and achievements? Leave us a comment and let us know.