6 Career Tips from Friends

If you look at the characters from the popular sitcom “Friends”, you see a bunch of people of very different professions. It makes it more interesting to watch the life stories of people, who have the same profession as you or your friends. You can not only laugh at the fun life situations of our favorite characters, but also learn something new, especially in terms of your career. So, here are some career tips from “Friends”.

1. Sometimes you need fear

At the beginning of the series Rachel has no financial support from her father and starts working as a waitress in “Central Perk”. She always says that this is a temporary job and she truly wants to work in fashion. But she keeps working as a waitress for quite a long time. That is why Joe and Chandler convince her to leave this position so that she will get afraid of staying with no money and will be more motivated to find her dream job.  

If you are stuck in one job for a long time but you want to do something completely different, this radical method may be just for you. You should leave your hated and boring job and  start looking for a new one, full-time. Just be sure that you are financially secure before taking this leap!

2. It is never late to start fresh in some new field

None of the group ever knew where Chandler worked. He often admitted that he had taken this big corporation job temporarily but couldn’t leave because of the good conditions.

Then Chandler finds out that he is the only one in the group who hates his job. Moreover, his boss makes him work on Christmas… So Chandler decides to quit and to start over. He enters the world of marketing and eventually gets the job that he likes.

It is never too late to start over. You just need to seriously think about it before making this decision. You can always start doing what you like, you just need to try.  

3. Don’t pass somebody’s work off as your own

Truth always reveals itself. That happened to Joey once. He was the actor in a famous soap opera “The days of our lives” playing doctor Drake Ramore. His character was very popular. However, Joey ruined it all when he said in an interview that he wrote his lines himself. The script writers got really mad and killed Joey’s character.

If you are tempted to introduce someone else’s idea as your own, remember Joey and his dead character, it’ll help!

4. Don’t mix work and personal relationships

It usually doesn’t end well.

After getting fired from a good restaurant, Monica has to work in an average diner as a waitress. She has to wear a wig and fake breasts and to ride roller skates at work every day. However, one of her customers, modest millionaire Pete, falls in love with her. He offers to buy her a restaurant where she can work as a chef.

Monica agrees, but then they break up and she has to say good bye to this job. The conclusion is that affairs at work usually don’t last long and often your career may be at stake. Think twice!

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5. Sometimes you should forget about your principles

There is nothing wrong with that.

One of the most eccentric characters in “Friends”, Phoebe, worked as a masseuse in different private salons. She has always had a strong social position: she is a vegetarian, she doesn’t wear fur and she is against big companies because they kill individuality and harm small businesses.

However, life can be very unpredictable sometimes. Phoebe had to take a job in a huge SPA-salon. And she tried to hide this fact from her friends for a long time so as not to look like a bad person.

If you happen to be in a situation where your principles don’t matter at all, don’t blame yourself for abandoning them. You don’t suddenly become a bad person. Priorities can just change sometimes.

6. Always take vacations in time

Take a break from work and re-cooperate so you don’t end up like Ross. He had a great job as a palaeontologist in the New York history museum, but it ended badly when his boss accidently ate his sandwich and he yelled at his boss. While this may seem like a minor offence, Ross had to go through a second divorce, he had a depression and this sandwich seemed to be the last good thing for him. Thus, if you feel that you are ready to snap or even shout at your boss, it is time to have a vacation.  

You can see that “Friends” gave us not only tons of situations to laugh at, but also showed us what to do or what not to do with certain career misfortunes. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you as well.

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