6 Personality Types That Can Make or Break Your Meeting

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Most employees hate meetings. And that’s because they think they’re a complete waste of time. In fact, they feel that this lost time could be better spent working on important projects. However, not all meetings are meaningless; in fact, good meetings can increase productivity and promote collaboration between workers. The contributing factor to an effective meeting is the people who attend it, and it all depends on how engaged they are and what their roles are in the meeting.

Here are the six personality types that will either make or break your meeting.

1. The Leader

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This person is the one who pretty much coordinates the group. He invites participants in for the meeting, allocates the time, and is usually the first to speak in a meeting. As the leader of the group, he makes sure the meeting follows a clear agenda so that it stays within the lines of the intended discussion. Apart from that, he’s also the person who prepares a summary of the meeting, appoints responsibilities, and clarifies goals.

2. The Disrupter

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The disrupter is very good at changing subjects and taking a more detailed approach to a subject that may lead to discovering different possibilities and ideas. While that’s good, during meetings where an urgent decision needs to be taken, other people don’t appreciate what they disrupter has to say as he jumps from one topic to another. This only creates irritation and confusion to the rest of the team.

3. The Timekeeper

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Timekeepers are important in a meeting. Considering that meetings are the biggest time wasters at work, someone needs to keep track of time and ensure that the meeting ends at the arranged time. This person has a useful role to play within the team as he makes sure the meeting doesn’t go on forever.

4. The Snacker

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There’s always going to be that one person who brings in their snacks for a meeting. Whether that’s chips, fruits, or just drinking coffee, it’s a surefire way to distract the rest of the participants. What’s worse is that they often chew their food with their mouths open, leading to pieces of food landing on the meeting room table. Now that’s annoying, and also disrespectful. Meeting time is not lunchtime, meaning this person will have to stay hungry a little longer.

5. The Multitasker

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This person likes doing everything all at once. Apart from taking notes on their laptop, he simultaneously tweets what’s doing at work. The problem with multitasking during a meeting is that it’s very easy to miss important stuff being discussed. That’s why when this person is asked to give his opinion, he often stumbles over his words as he doesn’t know what the rest of the team is talking about. The multitasker definitely needs to close some tabs on his computer to stay engaged.

6. The Know-It-All

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The know-it-all doesn’t let others speak their opinions and is only ever interested in expressing his own. This person strongly believes in their own ideas and treats the rest of the meeting’s participants as his audience. He is usually the one who makes lengthy remarks on a subject and doesn’t let anyone make a comment, provide feedback, or share their views.

Every personality type has a different set of qualities that complements the team – or not at all. These become more obvious in a business meeting where these personalities need to put their heads together and try to work towards a common goal. As such, you can easily identify those people who can make or break your meeting and learn how to deal with them.

Do you recognise any of these personality types within business meetings? Let me know in the comments section below…