6 Secrets to Attract a Celebrity on Twitter

6 Secrets to Attract a Celebrity on Twitter

Twitter has more than 200 million active users every month. You must be one of them. We see a lot of celebrities sharing different tweets every day. These celebrities are being followed by millions of people all over the world. But getting a celebrity to follow you on twitter is no cup of tea. It matters a lot if your tweets are liked and followed by someone famous so here are the most interesting tips to get a celebrity to follow you on twitter.

1. Find a Suitable Celebrity:

First of all you need to target a celebrity you want to follow you on Twitter. Keep in mind that you should not try to target celebrities who don’t follow a lot of people. For example: Eminem, is not following anyone. Don’t even waste your time in selecting him as you target. Let’s take an example of Barack Obama. He is following 650k+ people. He could be a good target and is famous enough to consider.

2. Search Their Best Social Media Friend:

Celebrities following a good number of people show that they are socially active. It simply means they spend time online and interact with people. You should choose such celebs so that they can regularly follow your tweets.

Every socially active celebrity has an inner circle of friends that he/she usually communicates with. You can simply check for their tweets to find the right person. Get this person to follow you and engage in conversations. If you have the best friend on your side, you will be one step closer to your targeted celebrity. Once your favorite actor will find you communicating with his friends, I am sure he will love to follow you.

3. Don’t Engage:

Don’t do upfront engagement. An example is @Schwarzenegger wassup man!!!

Wrong move, this won’t lead you anywhere. You will just be ignored or worse you could be blocked. No one likes strangers publicly sharing meaningless things. This is a really important step that you should never directly tweet to that person in such a blatant manner.

Don’t reply to tweets unnecessarily. No one is interested in reading spam comments. If you have something to say that has value, give preference to it. You can retweet but only meaningful things to catch the attention of celebrities. It shows your target that you are interested in them. 

4. Get Your Numbers in Place:

If you want someone to follow you, never ask them to and don’t keep chasing them all the time. Don’t show that you need them to follow you. Present it in such a way that you don’t really need them to follow you. It doesn’t make a good impression that you are following a million people and the number of people following you is below 3.

You need to encourage a celebrity to follow you. For this you have to plan to increase your number of followers. Try to tweet some nice ideas so that you are followed by numerous individuals. Be the celebrity yourself and you will get people to follow you easily.

5. Create a Hype:

Nobody likes a boring person on social media. What you need to do is do something that goes viral. Create something funny or amazing but at the same time not something that makes you look like a fool. Don’t tweet unnecessary things.

Make a list of things you are really good at. Then do something awesome with it.  Let’s assume you are John the newspaper delivery boy. Why don’t you start aiming to send the newspaper roll directly in the mailbox? Once you are perfect, make a video and publish it. People love to watch such silly things. Be creative and do something that people take interest in. They need to expect something from you after that. Maybe chuck a newspaper roll directly into a dog’s mouth?

6. Maximize Your Exposure:

People need to connect to you. If they feel connected they will follow you. Having a celebrity follow you is cool. But don’t go crazy behind it. Even if someone follows you or not it’s okay. People follow people, people unfollow people. It’s normal. Never make it public that a celebrity followed you.

Never bother a celebrity after they follow you. After all the unfollow button is not so far away. So be very careful and enjoy!