6 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy

If you want to keep hold of your best employees you need to think of ways to keep them happy, right? But even though your first thought would be to offer them some kind of raise, this is not the solution (at least not the only one) because as we all know by now, money doesn’t buy happiness.

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Something which is much more gratifying to all employees is to feel like they are being respected, appreciated and valued on a personal level at work. This will, in turn, increase their productivity and engagement levels and make them more loyal to their company.

So, here are six secrets to keep your employees happy.

1. Work-life Balance

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If you want your workforce to be more productive, competitive and happy, you also need to create an environment which contributes to a positive work experience. By making the work-life balance of your employees a priority they will also make their job a priority and strive for success.

2. Transparency

This is one of the most important factors of employee happiness. People want to know the truth about the state of the company, what is going on at the place they work. Keeping transparency levels high requires an ongoing dialogue between staff members and the management team.

3. Communication

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All businesses should strive to cultivate an open environment that encourages communication and sharing of ideas between employees. Try to make your office space an inviting, friendly and productive environment with nice tables, furniture and free beverages and snacks available for everyone.

4. Rewards

This is one of the most significant contributors to happiness as recognition and achievement are both high motivators for all employees. If your employees are taking risks for the company, make sure to reward them. It doesn’t have to be something big; something like a coupon to go out for dinner, tickets to a show or even an extra day off.

5. Wasting Time

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Many employees feel that they are being bombarded with emails and meetings which in turn waste their time and hinder their productivity levels. I am not suggesting you cut back on meetings and emails completely, but you could easily replace some of those meetings and emails with technology that would help with the collaboration of your employees.

6. Employee Input

Before you do any of the above, though, it is suggested that you survey your workforce to determine their satisfaction levels. Your employees can point you in the right direction to shape a more creative and positive work environment. After all, these changes in your company will be made mostly for them, don’t you want to know what they think?

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Even though some people would say that a raise solves all the problems, a raise is only a temporary fix. It wouldn’t have a positive effect on an employee’s overall happiness and productivity at the workplace. Do your best to keep them happy so they can make you happy in return.

Do you use any of these methods to keep your employees happy? Do you find them effective? Your thoughts and comments below...




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