8 Questions to Help You Advance Your Career

Asking yourself questions doesn’t mean you are crazy! Doing so shows that you possess the willingness to learn, to grow and develop professionally. This is your chance to reflect back on what you do every day, to learn something new and adjust your career choices for the future.

The truth is questions are key predictors of career success. Why? They challenge your perception of things and encourage you to think out of the box. Also, they can have a positive effect on your professional development as they help you figure out what needs to be adjusted so that it relates to your most immediate and long-term career goals.

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1. How did you arrive at this decision?

Think about what influences you to make this step in your career and why you have come to this decision in the first place. Are looking to gain more experience? Do you want a bigger salary or a job with higher social status?

2. How can you help your clients or people you come in contact with every day?

Apart from what you want, consider what your clients want and whether you are capable of satisfying their needs once you make your big move. Consider what the impact of your work will be and the changes this will have on your relationship with your clients.

3. Does this decision affect other personal goals and objectives?

Before making a commitment to another employer or relocating to another country, think about how making that decision could work in line with your other personal objectives e.g. getting married, having children. While this is more relevant to women, it is an important factor for everyone to consider.

4. What’s the risk if you don’t make this decision?

On the contrary, think about what the consequences will be if you don’t make that decision. Are you happy to stay at your current job? Is there anything you want to change? Are you afraid you are going to remain stagnant career-wise? To answer this question, think about long-term goals and refine your career priorities.

5. What do you stand for and what do you stand against?

At some point in your life, you are called to make decisions that shape your career future. Your own viewpoints are being tested, and you get to agree or disagree with others being fully responsible for your own words and actions. For your next career move, what would you stand for and what would you stand against?

6. What do you need to start doing?

To make sure you are fully prepared to take the next career step you have to think about what this requires from you in terms of knowledge, experience and skills. Do you have what it takes? If you are moving on to a different job, find out what is expected of you and how you can do it!

7. What can you learn from competitors?

Get to learn from your mistakes and other peoples’ mistakes so that you are better prepared to overcome challenges along the way. Staying up to date in your current industry and watching over your competitors is a very powerful tool for career success.

8. What’s the risk if you fail?

Lastly, weigh up your options and determine what the associated risks that come with that decision are. What is the worst thing that can happen? If all of your efforts fail, do you have a backup plan?

These are some of the most fundamental questions you should ask yourself before you decide to make your next career move so that you ensure you have thought of the possibility thoroughly!

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Are you considering a career change or just want to figure out what your next career plan will be? How will you choose to do that? Let us know in the comment section below.


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