8 Signs You Are an Introvert at Work

Do you regard yourself as an introvert? If you enjoy spending time with yourself and you are more likely to come up with an idea or a solution when you are by yourself rather than a group then it is highly likely that you are an introvert. While many people believe that being an introvert means that you hate humans, that’s not the case. I mean, yes you are probably a quiet person, but this is not a bad thing, is it?

In fact, being an introvert has many advantages. Many famous personalities who have done great things to the help the development of our species have been considered as introverts including Albert Einstein!

If you want to find out whether you are one, check out the following signs that may suggest you are less outer-oriented than you might have thought:

1. You are uncomfortable in large groups

As an introvert, you get your inspiration from internal sources – not external therefore you don’t like being surrounded by lots of people. At work you may feel uncomfortable being in a meeting with more than 10 people especially when these members are people you don’t know.

2. You prefer working on your own

Often you may find that it is easier to work on your own. For this reason, you prefer to have no or minimal supervision at work. This is not because you feel people are slowing you down, but because you need some time alone to reflect quietly on the issue and come up with an innovate solution.

3. You avoid small talk

When you are at work, you try to avoid small talk as much as possible. As an introvert, you prefer deeper conversations that allow interpretation of ideas to be heard rather than engaging in small talk. In a way, small talk makes you tired and bored as you prefer to be ‘real’ with someone and talk about things that really matter to you.

4. You prefer to express yourself in writing

As an introvert, you feel that writing is easier than talking or better yet, less exhausting. Although you can communicate with other people just as effective as extroverts, you find it difficult to sustain a conversation over a long period of time. Inevitably you prefer writing as this gives you a break from hours of speaking and some quality time to think.

5. You prefer not to talk to people who seem angry or upset

When you see someone who’s angry or upset, you choose not to engage with that person, you don’t even look at them. Generally you prefer to avoid people who look like they are in a bad mood because you are likely to be more sensitive to potentially negative evaluations.

6. You keep your thoughts to yourself

In a meeting, you are probably the last person to raise your hand and express your opinion. If you tend to let others take the lead in discussions, this means you are more of an introvert than an extravert. Perhaps you want to allow others to share their opinion until you feel it is necessary to chip in.

7. You think before you speak

Your thinking guides your actions, and this is the reason you tend to think twice before you speak. In an attempt to avoid being misunderstood, you are carefully choosing the words you are using and don’t let your feelings show.

8. You are easily distracted

At work you may get easily distracted, but when you are really engaged in doing your job, you are capable of producing excellent results. Your creative thinking doesn’t allow you to get bored and you are always in search of something new.

The truth is not everyone is cut out to be an extrovert. Certain careers require certain personalities, a fact which means being an introvert can  actually be a good thing. If you often catch yourself doing these things, then embrace your introversion and make it work for your benefit!

Were you able to identify whether you are an introvert or not? Let us know in the comments section below…