9 Things You Need to Do Every Day Before You Start Work

Most of us start our working day in a rush. We usually get up later than we’d planned, which means that we don’t have time to eat breakfast as we don’t want to leave home too late and end up being stuck in traffic for hours upon hours. By the time we get to work we’re already dead tired and stressed out. However, hard as it may seem, your mornings don’t have to be that hectic; to help you out we’ve put together a list of a few things you should make a point of doing each morning so that your mornings will be more enjoyable. And never ever ignore breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day after all, and hey you can even eat it while you’re commuting.

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1. Pet Your Animal

girl with cat

If you own a little furry baby make sure you show them some love before you head off to work. Before you walk out the door in the morning spend five minutes with them. Cuddle them, play with them, give them a treat or pet them. Not only will it put you in a good mood for work, but it’ll also make their lonely day. If you make it a point to spend at least five minutes every morning with your pet, we guarantee that the rest of your morning will be much more relaxing and pleasant.

2. Treat Each Day as a New One

We spend far too many days of our lives frustrated and stressed out by our jobs, most of the time we can’t even shake off that feeling when we’ve left work. However you should learn to let go and not carry these feelings into the next day. If when you wake up in the morning, your mind tries to wander back to yesterday’s troubles don’t let it. Instead treat each day as a new one. If you keep dwelling on the little things that went wrong day after day, you’ll always feel down which can affect both your work and social life. You should only focus on the positive things that happened yesterday, and the lessons you’ve taken out of that day.

3. Read Something

If you like to read give yourself some extra time in the morning to do so. Whether it’s a newspaper, magazine, novel or just some inspiring quotes, it doesn’t matter, just find what you like. Try reading something that is positive and uplifting, something which takes you to a happy place. Reading articles about being positive or being healthy can be a great way to get you inspired and start your day on the right foot. On the other hand, looking at pictures in magazines of Kim Kardashian’s perfect body may not make you feel all that good. A novel can also be a good idea as it will let your mind escape to a different world for a little while and forget about the stresses of reality. Who wouldn’t love to start their morning thinking that they are in Hogwarts’ Great Hall having breakfast with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

4. Do Nothing

If you’re a stressful person you might think that diving into emails the moment you open your eyes is a good idea. But starting your day in a chaotic and rushed state of mind will mean you’ll feel that way for the rest of the day. Take five minutes in the morning to literally do nothing. Go sit outside and enjoy nature -if you live near nature that is, otherwise just sit in a quiet room and relax. Allow yourself a chance to zone out from the rush and collect your thoughts. This will allow you to approach the rest of the day in a more calm and more collected state of mind.

5. Listen/Watch Something Uplifting or Relaxing

It can be good to listen to some music or watch some TV in the morning. This is a great idea, especially if you have a hard time waking up in the morning. However it may be best to opt for something that has uplifting or positive content. Listening to sad or angry music can bring you down and who’d want to start their day on that note? Same goes for turning on the TV. It might be best to avoid the news because a lot of it tends to be negative. Instead throw on your favourite upbeat track and have a little dance around. It will help you feel good and it will take your mind off problems and anxieties. It will also put you in an excellent mindset which will help you tackle the day ahead.

6. Drink Lemon Water

Yeah it sounds pretty gross and if you’re not into all that healthy-eating buzz, this might sound down right crazy, but we promise it is a good idea. Hydrating your body in the morning is obviously a good thing, as you’ve probably spent your night hardly having any water. Your poor body is probably so damn thirsty. So why isn’t regular water fine you say? Well it is, but if you heat up that water and then add a little bit of lemon juice in it, you can kill two birds with one stone. You will not only hydrate your body, but you will also help fire up your metabolism and digestive system. Lemon water basically helps your body get ready for the day, yeap lemon water is that good! Plus, it won’t hurt to know that you’ve done at least one healthy thing for the day. And who knows, you might even convert to being a health junkie.

7. Do Something You Love

This is going to be different for everyone. What is your passion? What  instantly puts a smile on your face? Think about it and figure out what that is. Then make some time in the morning to do it. Sometimes we think ’But I’m not very good at it, so it’s a waste of time’. No, it’s not and who cares even if it is. Maybe your drawing skills are on par with a five year old. Maybe you haven’t even been able to conquer a baby wave without falling off your surfboard. It doesn’t matter. If it makes you happy do it. After all practice makes perfect. Giving yourself some time in the morning to indulge in this passion will put you in a great mood and make you feel more optimistic about the day ahead.

8. Prepare Your Lunch

Packing your lunch for work in the morning has many benefits. Make sure that you’ve made any preparations that need time the night before and just finish off in the morning. Taking lunch with you can save you money as you’ll stop spending money on buying food from restaurants and cafes, while it can also help you be healthier. As you’ve probably noticed, the food places around your work aren’t exactly the healthiest choices. Packing lunch before you go to work also ensures that you will have your break. If you’re busy when lunch roles around and you don’t have food with you, you probably won’t bother getting up, which means that you’ll probably just work straight through lunch. Obviously this isn’t good because we need to eat, to fuel our bodies and keep up our energy levels up throughout the day. So make sure you take lunch with you, and make sure you use your break room to have it, you might feel like you’re back in fifth grade pulling out your lunchbox but who doesn’t love feeling young again?

9. Plan Your Break

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Before you start working, make sure you plan when you’re going to take your breaks for the day. Knowing you have a time by which you need to get work done will help you work more efficiently and productively, while it will also help make sure you actually take a break. When you don’t really have a break planned it can be easy for you to just work through the entire day. Our body and brain need a break away from the screens and a moment to stop thinking about work. If you’ve set a time when you’ll stop working for a bit, you are more likely to actually follow through the plan.

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While work is important, your health is far more important. In order to be more productive in the day and happier in life make sure you do the nine things listed above and above all make sure you enjoy life.

Is there anything you like to do in the morning before getting to work? Share with us in the comment section below.

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