A Day in the Life of a Personal Assistant [Video]

What’s it really like being a personal assistant? Even though you think you know, I can assure you: you don’t. While the work of a personal assistant heavily relies on secretarial and administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, data filling, and dealing with customer enquiries and requests, there are times when their role gets a little more interesting…

That’s because managers ensure that their personal assistants are always on the move. Since their personal assistant is the one person they trust the most, bosses usually assign them tasks that aren’t even in their job descriptions. So, instead of having to stay put at their office for the day, personal assistants do everything they can to please their seniors whether that means making them a cup of tea, running errands out of work, or even making up excuses for them.

But despite getting pushed around a lot, there are also benefits to being a personal assistant. These guys are privileged enough to work closely with the management team and they are always in the know, for one.

In order to get a glimpse of the kind of torture they endure, this BuzzFeed video describes some of the struggles only personal assistants are forced to face every day and only they are able to understand. Check it out!

A day at the office is never the same for personal assistants. Have you ever been one? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments section below!