How to Answer the Top 10 Customer Service Interview Questions

If you’re interested in working in the customer service industry, you can expect to be asked most--if not all--of the ten questions below. Thankfully, most of the answers are pretty easy:

  1. Do you work well with people? -- Of course you do, but give a more specific answer that highlights your customer service strengths, i.e. "I am very patient with demanding customers" or "I have a strong desire to help people solve their problems."
  2. Why do you want to work here? -- One customer service job is often like another, so why do you want to work at this specific company? Use answers like "This is my favourite store", "It looks like a very interesting place to work", or "I want to learn in a new workplace".
  3. How would you handle your replacement showing up late, or not at all? -- Your answer should show that you would follow procedure, i.e.: calling to check on the replacement, finding a replacement, alerting a manager, or covering the shift yourself if possible.
  4. What is your greatest accomplishment? -- Answer this question with a story that gives the interviewer an idea of your customer service skills. Think of a story where you helped a frustrated customer solve their very difficult problem, defused a tense situation, or improved company efficiency.
  5. How long do you plan on working here? -- You definitely don’t plan on working there forever, but don’t say that. Your answer should reflect your desire to progress within the company, as well as use your time working there to learn and grow.
  6. Who was your favorite/best boss/manager? -- Once again, use this answer to showcase your skills in customer service. The smart answer is telling them that your favourite boss was someone who taught you something you can use to become a better customer service rep.
  7. What is customer service? -- This question has no right or wrong answer, but it’s often a trick question meant to see what you think. Answer it with something like, "Customer service is making sure your customer is happy/being helpful and friendly/satisfying the customer’s needs."
  8. What is your definition of "good" customer service? -- Another trick question, but it’s pretty easy to answer. "Good customer service to me means being experienced/knowing our inventory/helping our customers make the best choices/treating customers with courtesy/being efficient and helpful." It’s all about showing that you know that the customer has needs and it’s your job to meet those needs.
  9. Which is more important: good service or a good product? -- Tricky one this. Both are important, so you should answer the question with something like "Customers need great products, but they also need great service to ensure that they come back and buy from us again."
  10. What would you do if you saw a co-worker being rude to customers? -- Every company has different policies on dealing with rude customer service representatives, but you need to show that you can handle interactions with coworkers properly. Try an answer like, "I’d try to mention it to the coworker in order to prevent future issues, but if it persisted, I would be forced to bring it to the attention of my supervisor." You don’t want to be a snitch, but you have your store’s reputation to think about.

Pretty easy answers, right? With a few minutes of preparation, you’re ready to ace that interview with flying colours!


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