How to Become a Community Arts Worker

How to Become a Community Arts Worker

Community arts have become a well-established and budding aspect among various cultures. This development has occurred in both voluntary and public sectors. Community arts workers play an integral part in the planning, organizing, and involvement in various art activities such as mural painting, dance, drama, creative writing, photography and film and video production.

These professionals are required to have experience in one or more aspects of art.

What Do Community Art Workers Do?

Serving as a community arts worker, your tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Working closely with community groups to discover local concerns and needs
  • Crafting art work in the community
  • Cultivating new groups and helping existing groups
  • Supporting and managing volunteers
  • Publicizing and marketing projects through the press, social media etc
  • Liaising with various people and organizations including companies, schools, local authorities, specialist workers and freelance professionals
  • Establishing a pool of professionals that hires or works on projects
  • Performing administrative activities such as fundraising, bid writing and budget management
  • Teaching individuals on various art techniques through classes and workshops
  • Discussing with community groups on the kind of art work to be developed for their community


Community arts workers have average weekly hours of about 35.2 hours. Their average annual earnings are as follows:

Starting salary


Average salary


Senior salary




The position of a community art worker requires you to have the following skills:

  • An outstanding comprehension in arts
  • Knowledge in one or more areas in art
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to organize your time and work to meet tight deadlines
  • Good project management skills
  • Ability to raise funds and manage budgets
  • Ability to give work a creative and proactive approach
  • Enthusiasm and be self-motivation
  • Capability to motivate community members and enhance their confidence
  • Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills


To be able to serve as a community arts worker, you need to have experience in a various art specialist such as Visual arts, Music, Drama, Dance and Creative writing. As a community arts worker, you need to pursue training in various areas to develop and update your skills. These areas include:

  • Management
  • Arts specialism
  • Marketing and PR
  • Project management
  • Sourcing and obtaining funding
  • Health and safety
  • New legislation
  • Child protection

A community arts qualification, though not essential might be useful when searching for employment opportunities. Undergraduate, foundation and postgraduate degree programs in community are provided by very few universities. Normally, these curriculums combine the study of various forms of art such as dance or painting principles and theory of community arts. Entry requirements vary across various universities. However, experience is considered important for entering any community arts course as it is when looking for paid work. With increased experience, you are open to better job opportunities in various top positions such as a projects manager and art work coordinator.

Career Prospects

Typical employers for community arts workers include galleries, theaters, local authorities, and community art organizations. Apart from working in these areas, you can consider working as on freelance basis or establishing initiatives using funds from various sources like the National Lottery.

Opportunities for graduates in this field are growing at a considerable rate. According to the National Career Services, employment opportunities for community arts workers are estimated to increase up to 332,000 by 2020, with those working full time making the highest contribution of workers.

If you have a good sense of art and would like to make a living from it, this might be the best career for you.