How to Become a Fashion Copywriter in the US

How to Become a Fashion Copywriter in the US

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, new career opportunities are available for people who love fashion and style. It is a promising industry for fashion copywriters because the industry thrives on constant advertisements. A person with a descriptive mind and a keen eye for style can make it as a fashion copywriter. To succeed in the fashion industry, a person has to show determination and passion for fashion. Duties of a fashion copywriter center around composing journalism and copy on issues related to fashion and style for use in marketing. Fashion copywriters are also known as fashion journalists or style editors.

What Does a Fashion Copywriter Do?

The duties and responsibilities of a fashion copywriter may vary with the job requirements; however they basically include:

  • Compose fashion features and copy for various fashion media including, magazines, newspapers, promotional pamphlets, commercials and internet websites
  • Rewrite, copy-edit and proofread fashion pieces prior to final publication
  • Develop product descriptions for promotional purposes
  • Attend fashion shows to identify emerging fashion trends
  • Develop write-ups for the preparation of advertisements, fashion news, magazine features and press releases
  • Conduct research from various sources such as, fashion magazines, online fashion forums and fashion news to discover emerging trends, designers and leading fashion lines in the industry
  • Conduct interviews with designers, photographers, market editors, and fashion icons to uncover the latest in fashion news


It is possible to acquire a job as a fashion copywriter if you have a unique fashion sense and excellent writing skills. However, with the competitive nature of the fashion industry, employers favour applicants with an educational background and work experience, for example:

  • A bachelor’s degree in fashion design, journalism, English, communications or marketing
  • Essential courses include English, marketing and advertisement, product analysis, and communications
  • Prior experience even as an intern in a fashion magazine


Fashion copywriters love fashion and are well-versed with the history of the fashion industry and current advancements in the industry. Other skills you must have to become a fashion copywriter include:

  • Excellent writing skills and a good command of the English language
  • Good interpersonal skills and interviewing abilities
  • Exemplary descriptive skills come in handy for the marketing part of the job
  • A keen fashion sense starting from their own personal style and reflect a firm grasp of fashion trends through their style choices.


The salary of a fashion copywriter depends on the place of work, experience and position of the fashion copywriter. For example, entry level employees earn the least, while senior fashion copywriters or creative directors earn higher salaries.

Entry level



Mid career


$35, 000




 Source: Street Directory

Work Environment

Fashion copywriters mainly work for fashion magazines, garment stores, advertising firms, and marketing companies. The fashion industry is largely dominated by women and gay men. The competitive nature of the industry gave it a reputation of breeding self-centered and shallow characters, who judge people based on physical appearance. Despite the negativities of the industry, the fashion glamour, chance to travel various destinations, attend fashion extravaganzas and free clothes has a certain appeal. A fashion copywriter must live and breathe fashion.

Career Growth and Job Prospects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies fashion copywriters under the broader category of writers and authors. Under this job group, there is an expected rise in employment at a rate of 8% between 2012 and 2022 for writers in the media and communications industry. The ever-evolving fashion industry has opportunities for fashion enthusiasts with fashion magazines and retail stores being the top employers. The growing online industry is a potential lucrative job market for writers.

As an amateur fashion copywriter, you may start at the bottom of the fashion chain as an assistant to a senior style editor, and may have to do odd jobs such as, make coffee and run errands for the senior fashion editor. However, with hard work and determination, many novice fashion copywriters emerge as protégés of their senior fashion editors.


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