Benefits of Working as a Medical Coder

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There are more than 94,000 health care professionals in the US who hold AAPC certification as medical coders. If you receive such certification, it will greatly increase your employability factor as a medical coder. Choosing to work as a medical coder can be beneficial to your professional career on many levels. Medical coders fulfill an important role for healthcare providers. Each medical procedure or service, which is provided by qualified healthcare providers to their patients, is assigned a numerical code. The coding is utilised to classify diseases and ailments. Such patient record keeping is necessary for processing insurance and medical claims. There is a wide range of working environments for medical coders—hospitals, medical clinics, physician’s practices, critical care clinics and insurance companies. For those individuals who are interested in working as a medical coder, the following is a listing of the benefits to consider.  

Various Benefits Medical Coders Receive

1. Flexible Learning Schedule

The training time for becoming a medical coder is short and flexible. The AAPC training course can be completed in a matter of months. With the changing conditions in the healthcare environment, medical coding is an excellent career to work in. Employers are scrambling to find trained professionals who can help them manage the “onslaught of changes, maintain compliance and preserve profitability.” Individuals interested in penetrating this market, can receive comprehensive training from the AAPC course of study.

2. Excellent Income Potential

As medical coders receive experience working in the business, they can increase their income potential as they improve their skillset. Those individuals who have received AAPC certification increase their chances of moving up into management positions and thus increasing their income potential. Individuals can also take additional continuing education units (CEUs) to continually expand their knowledge in the industry.

3. A Variety of Employment Opportunities

Medical coders can find a wide variety of employment opportunities at hospitals, private practices and insurance companies. There are also remote contract opportunities for experienced coders. Many times those contract opportunities offer a higher rate of pay than in-house positions. However, contractors do not always receive a benefits package. The AAPC has a listing of medical coding jobs.

4. Contracting Opportunities Available  

There are opportunities available for medical coders to work from home as freelancer contractors or as full-time employees who can work in their own home office. This type of working environment is beneficial to stay at home moms as well as those individuals who are looking to cut costs on traveling each day to work.

5. Opportunity to Start your Own Business

Business savvy individuals can start their own medical coding company as a sole proprietor, LLC or a corporation. If you decide on this option, it is best to take additional business courses at your local college or university. Legal Zoom is another online resource that you can utilise for assistance in setting up your medical coding business.  

6. Satisfaction in Career Choice

Working as a medical coder can be a rewarding career choice in that you will get to meet a variety of people and expand your social circle, while cultivating relationships. Many healthcare offices are fast-paced environments which will test your skills and provide an excellent opportunity for career growth and development.

There are many benefits to working as a medical coder. Individuals who become medical coders have the opportunity to work in a stimulating and rewarding employment environment. There is a flexible learning schedule as well as a simplified certification and continuing education process. Medical coders have many options where they can work and whether it is as an in-house or contractor employee.