Boost Your Career by Getting a Management Position

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We all dream of getting that mid- or top-level management position someday. Getting there is not always easy, especially since there are so many people to compete with for the same position. But, the market is growing and companies are opening up new management positions to be filled, which is why now is the perfect time to start taking active steps towards boosting your career. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Ask for a Promotion

You would be surprised to know just how many of today’s managers got their position by simply asking for a promotion. I know asking for a promotion is often seen as taboo or rude, but that doesn’t mean you should not try it. It is all in the way you ask for the promotion.

Instead of going to your superior’s office and blatantly demanding a promotion, arrange a meeting to talk about your performance. In the meeting, let the superior know how hard you have been working for the company. Get insight into the things you still need to improve in return.

You can also ask for pointers on how to get to the next level in the corporate ladder. Convey, politely, that you are looking for opportunities to advance your career and will improve to meet the requirements of a higher position.

2. Pursue an MBA

Nothing boosts your career as much as a master’s degree. A master in business administration is particularly effective, especially if you are looking for a managerial position. Fortunately, you can now take an AACSB online MBA and acquire a master’s degree without sacrificing your current job or having to move near the university.

Northeastern University is opening up its online MBA programs to students from all around the country. Other universities are introducing their own distance learning programs for more students. These online programs can help you get a master’s degree without quitting your job.

Don’t wait until you get a master’s degree to use it. Sometimes, the act of pursuing a master’s degree is more than enough. Notify HR about your enrolment in an accredited master’s degree program and you will start seeing benefits from pursuing the degree.

3. Work on More Big Projects

To be seen as a leader, you need to be prepared to lead more often. The more projects you work on as a team leader, the more chances you have of landing that promotion. The best way to show your leadership skills is by volunteering to lead bigger projects.

Show initiative and don’t hesitate to raise your hand the next time your superior is looking for a project leader. You should also not hesitate when conveying great ideas that can benefit the company or the project you are working on.

4. Take Risks & Make Suggestions

There are situations where you need to be willing to take more risks and be open with your ideas. When you’re in a marketing meeting, and you have ideas on how the brand or the company can do better online, for example, you need to gather enough courage to raise your hand and convey your ideas.

The same can be said for when you’re talking to superiors or working as part of a team. Making suggestions and persuading others to listen to your ideas can be very risky. If the ideas don’t work, you’ll be the first one scrutinised. That said, these are exactly the kind of risks you need to be taking when you’re pursuing a managerial position.

5. Expand Your Network

Building – and maintaining – good relationships with everyone in the company is just the first step. A good manager must also have connections with key stakeholders and other parties that can contribute to the success of the company, both inside and outside the business itself. Vendors, high profile clients and key opinion leaders – including social media influencers – should all be part of your network.

This is also one of the many reasons a lot of people are pursuing MBAs and other degrees. The people you meet while taking the course and the lecturers helping you with classes are all great people to add to your network. You’ll be amazed by how many of them will play significant roles in shaping your future.

These tips are very simple to apply. Use them to your advantage and you will get promoted to the dream position you have always wanted in no time at all.




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