How to Climb the Corporate Ladder as a Junior Employee

The Corporate world boasts of a wide range of companies from Investment Banks to Media Houses, Realty Estate firms, Insurance companies and Brokerage firms. Moreover, every corporate company has its own unique employee matrix with the base mainly dominated by junior employees.  It's commonplace in most corporations to find junior employees consisting of fresh graduates and recent interns in their late 20s and early 30s. While many junior employees are comfortable with their level of employment, others have the passion to lead and are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. So what should you - as an ambitious junior employee - do to climb the corporate ladder?

#1 Set Yourself up for Delegations

As an ambitious junior employee, you can't afford to familiarise yourself with the comfort zone as you get overtaken by tasks mean't to escalate your skill level. And the only way you can get extraordinary tasks is through delegation by your seniors. How flexible is your schedule to adjust to delegated tasks? How responsive, effective and persistent are you when your seniors assign tasks to you? Such crucial pointers help you position yourself for more delegated opportunities and give you the boost you need to get to the top.

#2 Establish Connections

You need to polish up on your social skills in the workplace particularly with your superiors. Being timid and anti-social won't land you those connections you need to recommend you for that top job. Confidence doesn't come on a silver platter and it will definitely be up to you to familiarise yourself with your superiors so as to have a clear perspective of how business is done at the top. 

#3 Engage in Vocational Training

Remember, you are one of the very few junior employees who want to be the next corporate CEO. However, this can't be achieved without some additional academic credentials to your name. Though you should ensure that the extracurricular vocational training you engage in is in tune with your career advancement. This not only helps you focus on your career, but it also boosts your indispensable relevance in the company.

#4 Be a Consistent Idea Generator

This is where we separate outstanding junior employees from the rest of the pack. The only way you'll get to the top is by getting noticed. And the only way you'll get noticed is by giving the company a good reason to get noticed. And what better reason to get noticed than to constantly suggest relevant revolutionary ideas that might turn the company's profit's around.

#5 Be Conversant With Major Company Decisions

Do you follow-up on the company's major decisions and their effects on the ground? For instance, social media trends might be a great and convenient way for you to compare company decisions with effects on the ground. One might ask, why the need to grasp company decisions? The answer is feedback. The next time your superior consults you regarding a certain decision to be made, then you'll be equipped with the necessary feedback to guard you from making incompetent and blind suggestions that might jeopardise your chances of being recommended for that top position.

#6 Emulate and Learn From the Best

Who was the best employee of the company in the previous month? Befriend that employee and learn as much as you can. Take notes and assess yourself to find out the flaws you should scrap off to polish up your workplace credentials. Plus, you can also befriend that superior you admire the most and get the advice and motivation you need to keep you focused on your goal.

#7 Accept and Appreciate Constructive Criticism

When your superiors correct you regarding a certain flaw in a recent task you completed, it's not the time to lock horns and argue. It's time to listen keenly, learn and respond with courteous respect. Plus, the last thing you want is to be constantly reminded about a mistake you keep repeating over and over again. Truth be told, no superior will want to recommend a stubborn junior employee for that top job.

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#8 Motivate Yourself

Ultimately, it's up to you to know your worth and believe in yourself. One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself is to form a personal reward system whereby every stride you make towards the top is rewarded. A weekend trip to a beach resort or a night-out with your friends for instance would be a memorable reward to give you the motivation and determination you need to ascend to the top. Plus, you can read motivational books and watch DVDs by renowned motivational speakers to keep your momentum and positivity in check.

Every day, new revolutionary changes are rapidly being effected as old rules get broken in the corporate world. Junior employees who get too comfortable usually end up being retrenched as the alert and smart ones keep getting promoted. Unfortunately, not everyone is guaranteed to get to the corporate summit and the few slots available at the top are definitely not for the faint hearted. Are you up to the task? That's up to you to decide...

















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