How and Why to Get the Red Hat Certified Engineer Certification (RHCE)

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If your goal is to become a top-earning IT professional, it’s highly expected that you are going to spend a lot of time working with Linux products and systems. Most system administration is done using Linux, along with a wide range of applications and software. Mastering Linux is the key to your success!

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How can you prove that you have mastered Linux? Simple: all you need is the Red Hat Certification!

1. Why You Need The Red Hat Certification

You worked hard to obtain your master’s degree in IT, computer science, software engineering, and so on, right? Those degrees prove you have the skills needed to do the job.

The Red Hat Certified Engineer Certification is the proof that you have mastered the skills needed to engineer programs, applications, and systems using Linux. The RHCE is a mid- to upper-level certification that proves you understand networking, security, and more.

So how can you obtain the certification? It’s not as easy as you might think…

2. All About The RHCE

The Red Hat website is the best place to find information on everything you need to do to obtain the certification.

To receive RHCE certification, you must complete the EX300 tests, which will assess your skill, knowledge, and abilities. First, however, you have to obtain the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator certification. The RHCSA is the certification to prove that you have mastered basic skills, and it is necessary in order to be eligible for the RHCE certification.

Note: You can take the RHCE exam before receiving RHCSA certification, but you will not receive the RHCE certification until you are RHCSA-certified.

3. Preparing For The Exam

Not sure what you need to study? Here are some of the things covered in the EX300 exam:

  • System configuration and management -- This includes configuring IPv6 addresses, using networking bonding/teaming, using firewalls, preparing and delivering system utilization reports, and more.
  • Network services -- Installing packages, configuring SELinux, configuring services for basic operations, using HTTPS, working with DNS, and more.
  • Database services -- This includes backing up and restoring databases, installing and configuring MariaDB, creating basic database schemas, and more.

Before you take the exam, it’s wise to go through the training recommended by Red Hat. That way, you’ll acquire the basic skills needed to pass your test with flying colors!

4. What You Need to Know

The RHCE exam can be taken in a classroom or online, or you can have an instructor come to your place of work and administer it. The study materials are also available online, in classrooms, and on-site.

Want to know how close you are to passing the test? Red Hat offers an online skills assessment test to help you understand what you need to study the most.

The exam runs roughly for three and a half hours, and will cost around $400 (for U.S. students) in a classroom environment or testing at a kiosk.

If you need more information on the RHCE certification, you can find everything you need to know on the Red Hat website.

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The RHCE certification can be a good way to prove that you have the skills needed to be a systems engineer, and it will be a great boost to your career! 

Do you think getting the Red Hat Certification will help you land the job of your dreams? Have you ever come across an employer who required this? Let us know in the comments section below.