How Music Helps You Be Powerful at Work

man listening to music at work

Music is everywhere. You listen to it at home, in the car, in bars and restaurants. So why should it be weird to listen to music at work? Several studies prove that listening to music while you work makes you more productive. It makes you feel more powerful and self-assertive and as such more likely to get down to work.

But there are many more benefits to listening to music at work. Apart from helping you deal with anxiety and job stress, it also improves your mood and boosts your motivation to work. Music gets you into a rhythm, a certain pace that helps you approach work more efficiently. It is like music gives birth to your super productive alter-ego; the one who gets the job done and never fails to impress the boss.

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So, if you want a scientifically proven way to become more efficient at work, just put on your headphones and listen to some music. According to a study from Northwestern University, listening to music while at work will help you become a power worker. As researcher Dennis Y. Hsu said, ‘the ubiquitous nature of music in society makes it a potentially effective medium for inducing power, likely without listeners’ conscious awareness’.

The experiment proved that music has the power to influence decision-making and make people feel better about themselves. This alone boosts the performance of the individual and influences their decision-making skills in specific tasks. For example, Queen’s powerful song ‘We Are The Champions’ promotes a set of different emotions to the listener than ‘Everytime’ by Britney Spears. This has to do with the musical elements found in each song. Scientists found that people who listened to a song with increased bass felt more powerful, completed problems-solving test faster and used more power-related words than people who listened to a song without increased bass.

This means that even if you don’t realise it, powerful music can transform your emotions in a way that makes you feel more confident, capable and ready to take action. So, it could be argued that music is ideal for the modern, fast-paced work environment, and could be used as a prepping tool for presentations or even job interviews. In simpler terms, music gets you into the right mood and prepares you to kick some ass.

Similar ideas have been put forward in regards to classical music. The so-called Mozart Effect dictates that listening to Mozart’s music – or early exposure to classical music benefits the mental development of children and encourages a short-term improvement in the performance of certain kinds of spatial-temporal reasoning tasks.

But what’s quite interesting about listening to empowering music is that each genre can have different effects on the listener. A study by Kellogg School of Management revealed that pop music is best for working quickly and accurately, classical music is good for tackling math problems while ambient music helps you avoid making mistakes in data-entry tasks. So, depending on your taste in music and, of course, the nature of your job, you could choose what works for you and find out what gets you pumped up at work.

Convinced yet? If not, here are some of the benefits of listening to music while at work:

  • It makes you happier, more energized and efficient.
  • It improves accuracy and reduces work-related errors.
  • It helps you finish boring tasks faster.
  • It makes repeatable tasks more enjoyable.
  • It helps you work better in teams (creating a group identity).

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Music in the workplace should be encouraged and welcomed. If you want to become more productive and efficient in what you do, you just need to turn up the bass – avoid distracting song lyrics, and get in the groove for some quality work.

How often do you put on your headphones at work to listen to your favourite songs? Feel free to share your music playlist in the comments section below…




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