How Taking Selfies Turns You Into a Narcissist [Infographic]

Several studies have found that selfies could be a sign of narcissism and psychopathy. In order to get a more accurate perspective behind ‘the selfie syndrome’ though psychologists are currently trying to pinpoint the effects of selfies and what these indicate for the people who take them. The act of taking pictures of yourself is considered by many to be pointless and unflattering yet we see more and more people posting their selfies on social media.

This infographic from Now Sourcing can help you find out if you are becoming a narcissist through your selfie addiction. Essentially it lists some of the most obvious signs of narcissism and explains the negative effects of using social media. So if you think you are taking too many selfies on a daily basis, perhaps you want to take a closer look at the infographic and your social media habits.

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Does taking selfies mean that you are a narcissist? What’s your own view on the matter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…